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ProcartaPlex® Analyst 1.0 Software Overview

The eBioscience ProcartaPlex® Analyst 1.0 Software is complimentary with the purchase of our ProcartaPlex Kits. To download the software, you will be asked to provide the LOT number of your ProcartaPlex Kit for verification.



Please note that human Cortisol cannot be validated with ProcartaPlex Analyst Software. Please contact our technical support for assistance.

Standard Lot Data (all species)

Kit Data (all species)

ProcartaPlex® Analyst 1.0 Software Features

  • Easy-to-use License-free Analysis Software
  • Detailed reports for standard curve data, enabling to achieve precise results
  • Standard curve evaluation can be selected from linear, logarithmic, point-to-point fit, 4PL or 5PL
  • See your sample pattern at a glance with an Heat Map
  • Export of settings for fast and easy re-analysis
  • Export of graph images for publishing
  • Dilution factor and standard range can be pre-defined
  • Parameters of newly launched products including standard concentration will be provided on the website and can be easily imported into the software
  • Results can be obtained minutes after completing an experiment

System Requirements

The ProcartaPlex® Analyst 1.0 software has been validated for the use on PC computers running Windows 7 or higher, as well as for the use on Mac running OSX 10.9 or higher.

Comma Separated Values File (csv-file)

For the analysis of your data with ProcartaPlex® Analyst 1.0 the csv-File (Comma Separated Values File) is needed. This csv-file is generated after the read out of your plate and contains the MFI values of your standards and samples. Please upload the original, not previously opened csv.file into ProcartaPlex® Analyst 1.0.