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Mouse CD & Other Cellular Antigens

Antibodies for multicolor flow cytometry, functional assays and immunohistochemistry

eBioscience antibodies are available conjugated to a variety of fluorophores to enable multicolor flow cytometry, functional assays, and immunohistochemistry applications. Additional antibodies to other mouse antigens including novel cell surface molecules are in our pipeline.

Mouse CD Cellular Antigens
CD1d CD1.1/1.2, Ly-38 43-49kD IgSF leukocytes, intestinal epith Ag presentation, mucosal immunity, with beta2m, ligand for NKT cells 1B1
CD2 LFA-2, Ly-37, SRBC-R 45-58kD IgSF thymocytes, T, NK, B, pre-B, myeloid, erythrocytes adhesion, T activation, CD48 receptor RM2-5
CD3d T3d 20kD IgSF T, thymocyte subset, NKT TCR subunit, TCR expression & signaling  
CD3e T3e 20kD IgSF T, thymocyte subset, NKT TCR subunit, TCR expression & signaling 145-2C11
CD3g T3g 25kD IgSF T, thymocyte subset, NKT TCR subunit, TCR expression & signaling  
CD4 Ly-4, L3T4 55kD IgSF thymocyte subset, T subset, DC TCR coreceptor, thymic differentiation, T activation, MHC class II receptor GK1.5
CD5 Ly-1 67kD SRCRSF thymocytes, T, B subset (B1) T activation, T-B interaction, CD72 receptor 53-7.3
CD6 T12 100-130kD SRCRSF thymocytes, T, neurons, not on B T differentiation & costimulation, CD166 receptor  
CD7   40kD IgSF human early T marker, CD7KO has normal phenotype    
CD8a Ly-2 32-34kD IgSF thymocyte subset, T subset , DC subset, not fresh NK TCR coreceptor, MHC class I receptor, T differentiation, homodimer or heterodimer with CD8b 53-6.7
CD8b Ly-3 30kD IgSF thymocyte subset, T subset, not fresh NK TCR coreceptor, MHC class I receptor, T differentiation, heterodimer with CD8a CT-CD8b
            eBioH35-17.2 (H35-17.2)
CD9 p24 24-27kD TM4SF myeloid, platelets, Tact, B subset cell adhesion, migration, T costimulation eBioKMC8
CD10 CALLA, NEP, Mme 100kD type II TM B precursors, fibroblasts, BM stromal cells zinc-binding metalloproteinase, neutral endopeptidase ectoenzyme, B development
CD11a integrin alphaL, Ly-15, Itgal 80kD IntgF T, B, NK, gran, mono, mac, DC, thymocytes CD11a / CD18 (LFA-1) receptor for ICAM-1 and ICAM-2, intercellular adhesion, T costimulation M17/4
CD11b Mac-1, integrin alphaM, Itgam, CR3 170kD IntgF myeloid, NK, Tact, B subset CD11b / CD18 receptor for CD54 and CD102, adhesion to ECM, fibrinogen, & complement iC3b M1/70
CD11c p150, integrin alphaX, Itgax, CR4 150kD IntgF DC, myeloid, NK, T subset CD11c / CD18 receptor for fibrinogen & iC3b, adhesion N418
CD13 Aminopeptidase N, Lap1 150kD Type II TM myeloid, endoth, DC zinc-binding metalloproteinase, antigen processing mAb (please inquire)
CD14 LPS-R, Mo2 53-55kD GPI-linked mac, granlow receptor for LPS/LBP, LPS recognition Sa2-8
CD15 Lewis-X   CHO transient in brain fucosyl transferase (Fut4)  
CD16 FcgammaRIII, Ly-17, Fcgr3 50-60kD IgSF NK, neutrophils, mast cells, mac Fcgamma low affinity receptor, phagocytosis, ADCC, NK activation 93
CD18 Integrin beta2, Itgb2 90-95kD IntgF leukocytes with CD11a, b and c, adhesion M18/2
CD19 B4 95kD IgSF B, FDC, good B lineage marker, not plasma cells with CD21 & CD81, BCR coreceptor, B activation / differentiation MB19-1
            eBio1D3 (1D3)
CD20 Ly-44, B1, Ms4a2 33-37kD TM4SF B, T subset B differentiation / activation AISB12
CD21 CR2, CR1 150kD CCRSF B, DC CD21 / CD35 other variants of CR2 gene, complement C3d receptor, with CD19 & CD81, BCR coreceptor eBio4E3
            eBio8D9 (8D9)
CD22 Lyb-8, Siglec-2 140-160kD IgSF / sialoadhesins B adhesion, B-mono & B-T interactions, B activation, BM homing receptor for IgD+ B cells, CD75 counter-receptor 2D6
CD23 FcepsilonRII, Ly-42, Fcer1a 45-49kD C-type lectin B, mono, mac, gran, platelets, FDC, not B1 cells CD19/CD21/CD81 receptor, low affinity IgER, signaling B3B4
CD24a HSA, Ly-52, Nectadrin 35-52kD GPI-linked B, gran, mono, mac, Tact, erythrocytes, neurons several isoforms, B differentiation & proliferation, adhesion, T costimulation, CD62P receptor 30-F1
CD25 Ly-43, p55, IL2Ralpha 55kD Type I TM pre-B, pre-T, Tact, Bact, DC subset, mono, mac low affinity IL-2 binding, with IL-2Rbeta & gamma forms IL-2 receptor high affinity, also soluble form PC61.5
CD26 DPP4, THAM 110kD Type II TM thymocyte subset, Tact, B, NK, epith dipeptidyl peptidase ectoenzyme, activation, adhesion mAb (please inquire)
CD27 T14, Tnfrsf7 45kD TNFRSF medullary thymocytes, T, NK, B subset CD70 receptor, T costimulation LG.7F9
CD28 Tp44 45kD IgSF T, thymocytes, NK CD80 (B7-1) & B7-2 (CD86) receptor, T costimulation 37.51
CD29 Integrin beta1, gpIIa, Itgb1 130kD IntgF leukocytes, fibroblasts, endoth, epith with CD49a-f (VLA-1-6), with CD51(alphavbeta1), CD29/CD49a ( VLA-1) receptor for VCAM-1, MAdCAM-1 & ECM, VLAb, adhesion, embryonic development eBioHMb1-1
CD30 Ki-1, Tnfrsf8 105-120kD TNFRSF Bact, Tact CD153 receptor, lymphocyte proliferation, apoptosis, peripheral tolerance mCD30.1
CD31 PECAM-1, pgIIa 130-140kD IgSF platelets, gran, endoth, DC, mono subset, T subset, B subset, LAK multiple isoforms, CD38 receptor, signaling, platelet-endoth adhesion 390
CD32 FcgammaRII, Ly-17, Fcgr2b 40-60kD IgSF mono, mac, gran, B, Tact, not NK low affinity Fc receptor for aggregated Ig/immune complexes, ADCC 93
CD33 Siglec-3, gp67 67kD IgSF, sialoadhesins myeloid progenitors; gran possible role in hematopoiesis, binds sialic-acid  
CD34 Mucosialin 90-120kD Sialomucin family hematopoietic precursors, capillary endoth, BM stroma, mast cells CD62L receptor, adhesion RAM34
CD35 Cr1, Cr2 190kD SRCRSF B, granact, FDC CD21 & CD35 alternative splice variants of Cr2 gene, binds C3b & C4b, adhesion, phagocytosis eBio4E3
            eBio8D9 (8D9)
CD36 FAT, fatty acid translocase 88kD   platelets, adipocytes, mono, mac, endoth, erythrocyte oxidized LDL receptor No. 72-1
CD37     TM4SF mRNA: lymphoid, myeloid T-B interaction  
CD38 Cd38-rs1, T10 42kD Type II TM B, marginal zone B (high), Tact, thymocyte subset, subsets in yolk sac, in fetal liver, in BM B activation, CD31 receptor, ectoenzyme, ADP-ribosyl cyclase/hydrolase 90
CD39 Entpd1 70-100kD   lymphocyteact, microglia, endoth ecto-nucleoside trisphosphate diphosphohydrolase 24DMS1
CD40 gp39 receptor, Tnfrsf5 45-50kD TNFRSF B, mono, mac, T subset, DC, endoth, thymic epith, induced on cardiac myocytes CD154 receptor, T-B interaction, B costimulation and survival, isotype-switching 1C10
CD41 gpIIb, Itga2b, CD41b 110-125kD IntgF platelets, megakaryocytes with CD61 forms GPIIb/IIIa, binds fibrinogen, fibronectin, vWF & thrombospondin, platelet activation, aggregation eBioMWReg30
CD42 Gp9, GPIX 20kD LRRF platelets, megakaryocytes platelet activation, aggregation  
CD43 Leukosialin, Ly-48, Spn, sialophorin 115 & 135kD Type I TM T, Tact, early B, B subset, plateletslow, not resting B, not DC isoforms, signaling, CD54R, B survival, adhesion eBioR2/60
CD44 Pgp-1, Ly-24, HERMES 80-95 & 130kD   broad, memory T, not platelets, or hepatocytes binds hyaluronic acid, leukocyte adhesion/homing, T activation, tumor metastasis IM7
CD44R variants of CD44     restricted & varied adhesion, metastasis, receptor for Hyaluronate  
CD45 LCA, Ly-5, Ptprc 180-240kD PTPR family, ASV leukocytes, not mature erythrocytes tyrosine phosphatase, leukocyte differentiation / activation, pan-leukocyte marker 30-F11
CD45.1       Ly-5.2 strains: SJL, DA, STS/A, RIII   A20
CD45.2       Ly-5.1 strains: BALB/c, C3H, C57BL/6, DBA/1, DBA/2, AKR, A, 129   104
CD45R/CT1     CT1 CHO cytotoxic Tact    
CD45R B220 220kD   B, NK progenitors, LAK, Tact   RA3-6B2
CD45RA     exon A isoform      
CD45RB   200-240kD exon B isoform T subset, B, mono, mac   C363.16A
CD45RC   200-240kD exon C isoform T subset, B   GL24
CD45RO   180kD isoform not exons A, B, or C Tact, Bact, DC subset    
CD46 MCP, membrane cofactor protein   CRRSF broad complement regulation, role in fertilization  
CD47 IAP, Itgp 50kD IgSF hematopoietic cells, epith, endoth, fibroblasts, platelets with beta3 integrins, leukocyte adhesion, migration, activation, extravasation of PMN, binds SIRPalpha miap301
CD48 Blast-1, BCM-1, Sgp-60 45kD IgSF, GPI-linked broad on lymphocytes, not fibroblasts adhesion, T costimulation, CD2 and Ly-9 receptor HM48-1
CD49a VLA-1, Integrin alpha1, Itga1 180kD IntgF Tact, endoth adhesion, CD49a / CD29 binds collagen & laminin  
CD49b VLA-2, Integrin alpha2, Itga2 165kD IntgF platelets, T subset, megakaryocytes, NK subset adhesion, CD49b / CD29 binds collagen & laminin HMa2
CD49c VLA-3, Integrin alpha3, Itga3 125kD IntgF B subset, Tlow CD49c/CD29 binds laminin, fibronectin, collagen  
CD49d VLA-4, Integrin alpha4, Itga4 150kD IntgF T, B, mono CD49d / CD29 binds fibronectin, VCAM-1, with beta7 forms LPAM-1 & binds to MAdCAM-1, homing receptor R1-2
CD49e VLA-5, Integrin alpha5, Itga5 135kD IntgF thymocytes, Tact adhesion, CD49e / CD29 binds fibronectin eBioHMa5-1
CD49f VLA-6, Integrin alpha6, Itga6 120kD IntgF memory T, thymocytes, platelets adhesion, CD49f / CD29 binds laminin eBioGoH3
CD50 Icam5, Ticn, Telencephalin 130kD IgSF memory T, thymocytes, platelets adhesion, CD49f / CD29 binds laminin  
CD51 VitronectinR, Integrin alphav, Itgav 125, 24kD IntgF platelets, megakaryocytes, endoth, osteoblasts, melanoma adhesion, CD51 / CD61 binds vitronectin, von Willebrand factor, fibrinogen & thrombospondin RMV-7
CD52 CAMPATH-1, MB7, CLS1 12kD GPI-linked mature lymphocytes    
CD53 OX-44 35-42kD TM4SF leukocytes, DC, osteoblasts, osteoclasts signaling  
CD54 ICAM-1, Ly-47 85-110kD IgSF endoth, mono, resting lymph (high on activation) CD11a / CD18 (LFA-1), CD11b / CD18 (Mac-1) & CD43 receptor, adhesion, T costimulation YN1/1.7.4
            eBioKAT-1 (KAT-1, KAT1)
CD55 Decay Accelerating Factor 60-70kD CCRSF broad, induced in uterus by estrogen similar to Crry, protection from autologous complement attack  
CD56 NCAM 20-185kD IgSF neural tissue, multiple isoforms adhesion, neuron development, skeletal myogenesis  
CD57     B3GAT1 Glucuronsyl- transferase P    
CD58 (H) LFA-3     not defined in mouse    
CD59 Protectin, MAC-inhibitor 19kD GPI-linked broad binds complement C8 & C9, blocks membrane attack complex assembly  
CD60 (H)     CHO not defined in mouse    
CD61 GPIIIa, Integrin beta3, Itgb3 105kD IntgF platelets, megakaryocytes, mac, endoth CD41 / CD61 or CD51 / CD61 complexes adhere to ECM 2C9.G3
CD62E E-selectin, ELAM-1, Sele 97 107-115kD Selectin endoth sialyl-Lewis x receptor, leukocyte rolling & migration, tumor metastasis  
CD62L L-selectin, LECAM-1, sell 74 & 95kD Selectin B, T, mono, gran, NK, thymocytes CD34, GlyCAM, & MAdCAM-1 receptor, lymphocyte homing, leukocyte tethering & rolling MEL-14
CD62P P-selectin, Selp 140kD Selectin plateletsact, endoth CD162 & sialyl LewisX receptor, adhesion, neutrophil rolling, platelet-neutrophil & platelet-mono interactions, binds to CD24  
CD63 MLA1 53kD TM4SF plateletsact, mono, mac activated platelets marker, lysosomal membrane protein, translocates to surface upon activation, melanoma associated antigen  
CD64 FcgammaRI 72kD IgSF mono, mac, DC, granact high affinity IgG receptor, phagocytosis, trypsin-sensitive, ADCC  
CD65 (H)       not defined in mouse    
CD66a Ceacam1, C-Cam   IgSF, CEA family colon, liver, hematopoietic tissues cell-cell interaction, hepatitis virus receptor CC1
CD68 Macrosialin, gp110 87-115kD Sialomucin predominantly intracellular, tissue mac, DClow lysosomal associated protein  
CD69 Activation Inducer Molecule, VEA 35-39kD C-type lectin Tact, Bact, NKact, granact, thymocytes, platelets activation, early activation marker H1.2F3
CD70 Ki-24, Tnfsf7 50, 70, 90, 160kD TNFSF Bact, Tact, cardiac myocytes CD27 receptor, T & B costimulation FR70
CD71 T9, Trfr 95kD Type II TM, dimer proliferating cells, reticulocytes, erythroid precursors transferrin receptor, iron uptake, cell activation R17217
CD72 Lyb-2 40-45kD C-type lectin, homodimer B, FDC, T subset, polymorphic extracellular portion CD5 & CD100 receptor, B costimulation  
CD73 Nt5e 69kD GPI-linked   ecto-5’-nucleotidase, T costimulation, adhesion eBioTY/11.8
CD74 Ii, Ia-invariant chain 33-43kD Type II TM B, mac, mono MHC class II traffic & function, antigen presentation mAb (please inquire)
CD75       BM homing of recirculating B cells, CD22 counter-receptor    
CD77 (H)       not defined in mouse    
CD79a Iga, mb-1, Ly-54 33 & 45kD IgSF B BCR subunit, BCR expression & signaling  
CD79b Igb, B29 37kD IgSF B BCR subunit, BCR expression & signaling  
CD80 B7, B7-1, Ly-53 60kD IgSF Bact, Tact, mono, mac, DC, pancreatic beta cells CD28 & CD152 receptor, costimulation, T-B interaction 16-10A1
CD81 TAPA-1 26kD TM4SF T, B, NK, thymocytes, DC, endoth, fibroblast, neuroblastomas, melanomas with CD19 & CD21, signaling, T costimulation Eat-2
CD82 KAI1, C33 50-53kD TM4SF, ASV Tact, mRNA: spleen, kidney inhibits tumor cell mobility  
CD83   43kD IgSF, Siglec family DC, Tact, mRNA: spleen & brain regulation of T response, binds to a ligand on B cells Michel17
CD84     IgSF B, mac, mRNA: hematopoietic tissue    
CD85       MHC class I recognition    
CD86 B70, B7-2, Ly-58 80kD IgSF mono, Bact, Tact, DC CD28/CD152 receptor, T costimulation, T-B interaction PO3.1
CD87 UPA-R, Plaur   GPI-linked   mRNA: muPAR1 luminal epith of gastric mucosa, muPAR2 basal epith, PAR2 secreted uPA binding protein  
CD88 C5aR, C5r1 40kD TM7SF gran, neurons, astrocytes, microglia C5a receptor, granulocyte activation, neurodegeneration  
CD89 FcalphaR, IgA receptor 55-75kD IgSF mono, mac, neutrophils, B subset, T subset phagocytosis, degranulation, respiratory burst  
CD90 Thy-1 18kD IgSF, GPI-linked thymocytes, T, hematopoietic subset, neurons, not B hematopoietic stem cell & neuron differentiation, T activation G7
CD90.1       thy1a(thy1.1) strains: AKR & RF   HIS51
CD90.2       thy1b(thy1.2) all other strains   53-2.1
CD91 lrp1, A2mr 600kD LDL receptor family mono, mac, neurons, liver, fibroblasts receptor for a-2- macroglobulin, LDL, HSPgp96, apolipoprotein, lipoprotein metabolism  
CD92 (H)       not defined in mouse    
CD93 AA4.1 antigen, C1qRp, early B lineage marker, Ly68 130-140kD C-type lectin hematopoietic progenitor marker for early B cells, endo, megakaryoblasts, platelets phagocytic complement C1q receptor AA4.1
CD94 KP43, klrd1 43kD C-type lectin NK, T subset with NKG2, inhibits NK function 18d3
CD95 Apo-1, Fas 35kD TNFRSF thymocytes, lymphocytesact CD95L(CD178) receptor, apoptosis induction, immune system regulation, lpr mutation 15A7
CD96 TACTILE, T cell ACTivation Increased Late Expression 160kD IgSF mRNA: spleen, mammary gland adhesion of activated T & NK  
CD97 TM7LN1 TM7S     lymphoid, myeloid CD55 receptor  
CD98 4F2, Ly-10 80, 40kD   thymocytes, lymphocytes, mono, BM cell activation, calcium flux RL388
CD99 Pilr-1, D4          
CD100 Sema4d, semaphorinH 150kD IgSF mRNA: lymphoid & nervous tissues CD72 receptor, role in immune & nervous systems BMA-12
CD101 IgSF3   IgSF   role in susceptibility to type I diabetes Moushi101
CD102 ICAM-2, Ly-60 55-65kD IgSF lymphocytes, mono, platelets, endoth binds CD11a / CD18 (LFA-1), costimulation  
CD103 HML-1, alphaIEL, alphaE integrin, Itgae 150kD IntgF intraepithelial lymphocytes, BM mast, lymphocytesact with integrin beta7, binds E-cadherin, lymphocyte homing 2.00E+07
CD104 beta4 integrin, Itgb4 220kD IntgF epith, endoth, immature thymocytes, Schwann cells, tumor cells, keratinocytes with CD49f, cell adhesion / migration, differentiation, tumor metastasis, a6b4 is tumor associated Ag Tsp-180  
CD105 Endoglin, Eng 95kD   endoth, BM cell subset, macact response to TGF-beta1, ligand for TGF-beta, adhesion MJ7/18
CD106 VCAM-1 110kD IgSF endothact, FDC, BM myeloid CD49d / CD29 receptor, adhesion / migration, costimulation 429
CD107a LAMP-1 120kD   plateletsact, Tact, endothact adhesion, metastasis eBio1D4B (1D4B)
CD107b LAMP-2 110kD   plateletsact, Tact, endothact adhesion, metastasis eBioABL-93 (ABL-93)
CD108 Sema7a 80kD IgSF, GPI-linked mRNA: nervous system(high), immune system    
CD109 Gov platelet alloantigen          
CD110 TPO-R, c-mpl 82-84kD CRSF megakaryocytes, platelets thrombopoietin receptor, megakaryocyte differentiation  
CD111 PRR1, Nectin-1, Pvrl 64-72kD IgSF, ASV fibroblasts, epithelium, neurons polio virus receptor-related protein1, mediates entry of herpes simplex virus (HSV) strains  
CD112 PRR2, Pvs, Nectin-2 64-72kD IgSF, ASV mRNA: brain, spinal cord, spleen, kidney, heart, liver intercellular adhesion, not a receptor for poliovirus  
CD113 PVRL3, Nectin3 100kD Ig-like, ASV broad, epith adhesion molecule, interacts with afadin  
CD114 G-CSFR, Csfgr, Csf3r 95, 139kD CRSF progenitor & mature neutrophils, endoth, placenta, some myeloid leukemia myeloid proliferation & differentiation  
CD115 M-CSFR, c-fms, Csf1r 150kD RTKF monocytic progenitors, osteoclasts M-CSF receptor, monocytic lineage proliferation/ differentiation, role in differentiation of osteoclasts AFS98
CD116 GM-Csf2ra 70-85kD CRSF mono, gran, DC, endoth low affinity GM-CSF receptor, with common beta AIC2B form high affinity receptor, myeloid proliferation, differentiation  
CD117 c-kit, Steel factor 145kD IgSF, RTKF hematopoietic stem & progenitors, neural crest-derived melanocytes, primordial germ cells, mast cells Stem Cell Factor receptor, hematopoietic progenitor development & differentiation, dominant white spotting (w) mutation 2B8
CD118 LIFR 190kD Type I cytokine receptor family, ASV placenta, liver, kidney, heart, lung, brain epith membrane-bound involved in signal transduction, soluble form inhibits activity of LIF  
CD119 IFNgammaR, ifgr1, Ifngr 90-100kD   mac, mono, B, T, NK, neutrophils, endoth Interferon-gamma receptor alpha chain, with IFNgamma AF-1, host defense, high affinity IFNgamma binding  
CD120a TNFR1, p55 50-60kD TNFRSF broad TNF receptor, binds both TNFalpha & TNFbeta, apoptosis 55R-170
CD120b TNFR2, p75 75-85kD TNFRSF broad TNF receptor, high affinity binding to TNFalpha & TNFbeta, apoptosis  
CD121a IL-1R type I 80kD IgSF broadlow, fibroblasts, T, brain, pancreas, cardiac endoth, epith, developing oocytes Type I IL-1R, binds IL-1alpha & IL-1beta, IL-1 signaling  
CD121b IL-1R, type II 68kD IgSF B, mac, mono, T subset (Th2), epidermis, dermis, vaginal basal epith, brain Type II IL-1R, binds IL-1alpha & IL-1beta, a decoy receptor  
CD122 IL-2Rbeta, p70 75kD CRSF NK, T, B, mono IL-2R & IL-15Rbeta chain, signaling, with CD25 & CD132 form high affinity IL-2R, lymphocyte development 5H4
CD123 IL-3Ralpha 70kD CRSF lymphocyte subset, basophils, hematopoietic progenitors, mac, DC, megakaryocytes IL-3R alpha chain, low affinity binding to IL-3, with CDw131 form high affinity IL3 binding 5B11
CD124 IL-4Ralpha 140kD CRSF lymphocyteslow, mono, hematopoietic precursors, fibroblast, epith IL-4Ralpha chain, with CD132 or IL-13Ralpha chain, with CD132 forms high affinity IL-4R, T growth & differentiation, soluble form  
CD125 IL-5Ralpha 60kD CRSF eosinophils, basophils IL-15Ralpha chain, with CDw131 for low affinity IL-5 binding, with beta subunit for high affinity IL-15 binding  
CD126 IL-6Ralpha 80kD IgSF, CRSF Bact, plasma cells, most leukocyteslow, fibroblasts IL-6Ralpha subunit, low affinity IL-6 binding, with CD130 for high affinity IL-6 binding, soluble form D7715A7
CD127 IL-7Ralpha 65-75kD CRSF pro-B, T IL-7Ralpha chain, with CD132 for high affinity IL-7 binding, T & B development A7R34
CD128 see CD181 and CD182          
CD130 IL-6Rbeta, gp130 130kD CRSF broad in adult & embryonic cells Common beta chain of IL-6R, IL-11R, LIFR, OSMR KGP130
CD131 IL-3R, AIC2B/A, common beta, Csf2rb1, Csf2rb2 95-120kD CRSF mono, gran, early B 2 genes in mouse, signaling, with alpha subunits of IL-3, IL-5, GM-CSF receptors  
CD132 IL-2R Common beta 64kD CRSF T, B, NK, mono, gran, DC Subunit of IL-2, IL-4, IL-7, IL-13, & IL-15R, signaling, mutation: X-linked SCID mAb (please inquire)
CD133 Prominin-1, AC133 115-120kD TM5 glycoprotein primitive cells like hematopoietic progenitors, neural, endoth stem cells, retina, retinoblastoma, developing epith (apical surface) unknown 13A4
CD134 OX-40, Ly-70, Txgp1 48-50kD TNFRSF Tact OX-40L receptor, apoptosis, T activation / differentiation OX-86
CD135 Flt3/Flk2, EMS-like tyr kinase 3 130-150kD RTK family hematopoietic progenitors: myeloid & primitive B progenitors binds FLT3 ligand, myeloid & lymphoid development, expands hematopoietic progenitors & DC A2F10
CD136 STK, Mst1r, RON 180kD RTK family hematopoietic cells macrophage stimulatory 1 receptor  
CD137 4-1BB, Tnfrsf9 30kD TNFRSF Tact T costimulation, binds to 4-1BBL, fibronectin, vitronectin, laminin, collagen VI 17B5
CD138 syndecan-1, Sdc1 80-150kD Syndecan epith, plasma cells, pre-B, neurons receptor for ECM, cell morphology, B differentiation mAb (please inquire)
CD139 (H)       not defined in mouse    
CD140a PDGF receptor alpha 180kD RTK family fibroblasts, smooth muscle, glial cells, chondrocytes PDGFRaa binds PDGF AA, AB, BB, PDGFRab binds AB, BB, PDGFRbb binds PDGFBB, embryonic development, signaling APA5
CD140b PDGF receptor beta 180kD RTK family fibroblasts, smooth muscle, glial cells, chondrocytes see CD140a for ligands, signaling APB5
CD141 Thrombomodulin 100kD C-type lectin mono, neutrophils, endoth, smooth muscle initiation of protein C anticoagulant pathway  
CD142 Tissue Factor, factorIII, F3 45kD mRNA: broad binds clotting factor VIIa, embryonic development    
CD143 ACE 170kD endoth, epith, neuron, fibroblasts, macact peptidyl-peptidase, angiotensin converting enzyme    
CD144 Cadherin5, VECadherin 130kD Cadherins endoth adhesion, intercellular interaction BV13
CD146 MUC18, S-endo, mcom   IgSF embryonic tissue, mammary tumors cell adhesion during development  
CD147 Neurothelin, basigin, Bsg   IgSF leukocytesact, erythrocytes, platelets, endoth adhesion, blood-brain barrier RL73
CD148 HPTP-eta, M4, M56 240-260kD   mRNA: broad, high in brain, kidney tyrosine phosphatase R Type III  
CD150 SLAM, IPO-3 75kD IgSF T, B, maintained on Th1 costimulation, proliferation, Ig production 9D1
CD151 PETA-3, SFA-1 32kD TM4SF endoth, megakaryocytes, platelets adhesion, signaling  
CD152 CTLA-4, Ly-56 33kD IgSF Tact CD80, CD86 receptor, negative T stimulation 9H10
CD153 CD30L, Tnfsf8 40kD TNFSF Tact, macact, neutrophil, B, induced on cardiac myocyte CD30 receptor, T costimulation RM153
CD154 CD40L, gp39, Ly-62, Tnfsf5 32-39kD TNFSF transiently on Tact, B subset (intracellular), platelets CD40 receptor, B & DC costimulation, T activation MR1
CD155 PVR 80-90kD IgSF mono, mac Polio virus receptor  
CD156a ADAM8, MS2 69kD Type I TM neutrophils, mono metalloprotease, leukocyte extravasation  
CD156b TACE/ ADAM 17 100kD   broad zinc metalloprotease, TNF converting enzyme  
CD156c ADAM10, kuz, kuzbanian, Madm 60kD Peptidase M12B family neural precursors, fibroblasts proteolytic cleavage of cell-surface molecules including Notch, TNF-alpha, APP & ephrin-A2 polyclonal
CD157 BST-1, Ly-65, Bp3 38-48kD GPI-linked gran, mono, early B, T subset, BM stroma ADP-ribosyl-cyclic ADP-ribose hydrolase, pre-B growth  
CD158 (H) KIR     not defined in mouse    
CD159a NKG2A, Klrc1 43kD   NK & NKT cells with CD94, Qa-1(b) receptor, inhibitory signaling 20d5
CD159c NKG2C   C-type lectin NK & NKT cells with CD94, Qa-1(b) receptor, stimulatory signaling 20d5
CD160 BY55 27kD IgSF NK subset, T subset costimulation eBioCNX46-3
CD161c NKR-P1c, Ly-55, NK1.1 40kD C-type lectin NK, T subset NK cell-mediated cytotoxicity PK136
CD162 PSGL-1, Slp1 120kD Mucin family myeloid cells, lymphocyte subset CD62P & CD62L receptor, adhesion, leukocyte rolling  
CD162R (H) PEN-5     not defined in mouse    
CD163   100-130kD SRCRSF peritoneal mac    
CD164 MGC-24, A115, A24 80kD Sialomucin mRNA: broad various adult & embryonic tissues hematopoietic progenitor-stroma interaction  
CD165 AD2, gp37     not defined in mouse    
CD166 ALCAM 120kD IgSF neurons, Tact, mono, epith, fibroblasts CD6 receptor, adhesion, T development, T-B interaction, role in nervous system eBioALC48
CD167a DDR1 120kD RTK family epith, myoblasts, brain, early marker neuroectoderma discoidin domain receptor, tyrosine kinase, adhesion  
CD168 RHAMM, Hmmr 70-73kD   broad hyaluronan-mediated motility receptor, adhesion, cell locomotion, tumor metastasis (intracellular in human breast cancer)  
CD169 sialoadhesin, Sn, Siglec-1 185kD IgS tissue mac subset adhesion, cell-cell & cell-matrix interactions, binds alpha2,3-sialylated ligands CD43, CD227, SRBC-R  
CD170 (H) Siglec-5, CD33-like2 140kD IgSF, sialoadhesins mac subset, neutrophils adhesion  
CD171 L1, cell adhesion molecule 200-210kD IgSF CNS, PNS, glial cells, mono, T subset, B, DC, lymph node reticular fibroblasts, some epith homotypic adhesion, T co-stimulation, integrin binding, KO has neuropathologies similar to CRASH disorder  
CD172a SIRPalpha, Ptpns1 110kD IgSF mono, mac, DC, T subset, stem cells adhesion, with CD47, SHP substrate-1  
CD172b SIRPbeta 60-90kD Ig-like Type I cell surface receptor mac and other hematopoietic lineages engagement of SIRPbeta promotes phagocytosis in mac  
CD172g (H) SIRPgamma     not defined in mouse    
CD173-CD175 (H)     CHO      
CD176 Trf, transferring, Tfn, HP   CHO      
CD177 NB1 56-62kD GPI-linked neutrophil subset (surface & intracellular)    
CD178 Fas Ligand, CD95L,TNFSF6 38-42kD TNFSF Tact, testis apoptosis of CD95+ cells, immune privilege, soluble form in serum, gld mutation nonfunctional FasL MFL3
CD179a V pre B 16kD IgSF pro- & early pre-B B differentiation, signaling, pre-BCR with IgM/CD79alpha/beta  
CD179b Lambda 5 22kD IgSF pro- & early pre-B B differentiation, signaling, pre-BCR with IgM/CD79alpha/beta  
CD180 RP105, Ly-78 95-105kD LRRF, TLRSF B, mono, DC B recognition & signaling of LPS, with MD-1 RP/14
CD181 CXCR1, IL8Ralpha 39kD GPCR family neutrophils, basophils, NK, T subset, mono binding of IL-8 induces chemotaxis of neutrophils  
CD182 CXCR2, IL8Rbeta 40kD GPCR family neutrophils, basophils, NK, T subset, mono binding of IL-8 induces chemotaxis of neutrophils, also binds GRO and NAP-2  
CD183 CXCR3, Cmkar3, gpr9 40kD TM7SF Tact (Th1), NK, eosinophils, GM-CSF activated hematopoietic progenitors 6Ckine, IP-10 , Mig & I-TAC receptor, T recruitment to inflammatory sites,Th1 response, allograft destruction CXCR3-173
CD184 CXCR4, Cmkar4, Fusin/LESTR 45kD TM7SF T subset, B, DC, mono, endoth SDF-1 receptor, embryogenesis, (human: X4 HIV-1 coreceptor) eBiomCXCR4
CD185 CXCR5, BLR1 45kD GPCR family spleen, resting B, T, skin-derived DC binds BLC, involved in B-cell migration into B-cell follicles of spleen and Peyer’s patches  
CD186 CXCR6, BONZO 40kD GPCR family memory T chemokine receptor for CXCL16, also a coreceptor by SIVs and by strains of HIV-2 and m-tropic HIV-1  
CD191 CCR1, MIP-1alphaR, RANTES-R 39kD GPCR family neutrophils, mono, lymph, eosinophils & osteoclasts receptor for C-C type chemokines MIP-1alpha, RANTES, MIP-1beta, MCP-1  
CD192 CCR2, MIP-1alphaR 40kD GPCR family T subset, mono, B receptor for the MCP-1, MCP-3 & MCP-4 chemokines  
CD193 CCR3, MIP-1alphaRL2 45kD GPCR family skeletal muscle & low amounts in leukocytes, T subset receptor for C-C type chemokines eotaxin, MCP-3, MCP-4 and RANTES  
CD195 CCR5, Cmkbr5 45kD TM7SF T subset, NK, monolow MIP-1alpha, MIP-1beta & RANTES receptor, (human: R5 HIV-1 coreceptor) HM-CCR5 (7A4)
CD196 CCR6, KY411 45kD GPCR family mainly B, T and DC subset receptor for C-C type chemokines MIP-3alpha/LARC  
CD197 CCR7, Cmkbr7 45kD TM7SF T, DC subset 6Ckine & MIP-2beta receptor 4B12
CD198 CCR8, TER1 50kD GPCR family mono, mac, neutrophils, T subset receptor for TCA-3/I-309  
CD199 CCR9, CMKBR10 43kD GPCR family high in thymus, immature and mature T receptor for chemokine SCYA25/TECK, role in T development eBioCW-1.2 (CW-1.2)
CD200 OX-2 45-50kD IgSF thymocytes, B, Tact, DC, endoth, neurons T costimulation, regulation of oxidoreductase pathway  
CD201 Procr, EPCR 50kD   endoth & stem cell subset activated protein C receptor eBio1560 (1560)
CD202b Tie2, Tek 140kD RTK family stem cells, endoth from early development angiogenesis, Angiopoietin-1 receptor TEK4
CD203c ENpp1, PC-1, TWY 115kD Type II TM antibody secreting B, basophils, mast cells, megakaryocytes, glioma plasma cell alloantigen, ectoenzyme, binding/clearance of extracellular nucleotides  
CD204 Macrophage scavenger-R, Scvr 220kD   mac endocytosis of macromolecules  
CD205 DEC-205, Ly75 205kD mac mannose receptor SF DC, thymic epith, Blow, BM stromal, pulmonary epith, brain capillaries antigen up-take/presentation, immune inhibition 205yekta
CD206 macrophage mannose-R, Mrc1 180kD   mac, mono, DC subset phagocytosis / pinocytosis mannose containing molecules  
CD207 Langerin 40kD Type II TM Langerhans cells Ag capture & endocytic receptor, with Birbeck granules eBioRMUL.2
CD208 (H) DC-LAMP, Lamp3 70-90kD   DCact, interdigitating DC    
CD209 DC-SIGN, CIRE 44kD   DC subset ICAM-3 receptor, HIV-1 binding protein, T-DC interaction 5H10
CD210 IL-10R 90-110kD   Th1, B, NK, mono, mast cells, mac IL-10 receptor, signaling, related to IFN receptors  
CD212 IL-12Rbeta1 100kD dimer & oligomer Type I TM Tact, NKact high affinity binding to IL-12, with IL-12 receptor beta2, signaling, T & NK response to IL-12  
CD213a1 IL-13Ralpha1, NR4 65kD CRSF mono, NK, fibroblasts, endoth binds IL-13 low affinity, with CD124  
CD213a2 IL-13Ralpha2 65kD CRSF B, mono binds IL-13 high affinity  
CD217 IL-17R 120kD   broad IL-17 receptor  
CD218a IL-18Ralpha, IL1Rrp 70kD IL-1R family T, NK & DCs IL-18 binding leads to the activation of NF-kappaB  
CD218b IL-18Rbeta, IL18Rap 70kD IL-1R family T, NK and DCs forms heterodimeric receptor with IL-18Ralpha to enhance IL-18 binding  
CD220 InsulinR, Insr 140 & 70kD RTK family broad Insulin receptor, regulation of metabolism  
CD221 IGF-1R 140 & 70kD RTK family broad binds IGF high affinity, prolif/differentiation  
CD222 IGF-II R, M6P/IGF2R 220-250kD Type I TM broad, 90-95% intracellular cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor, TGFbeta-LAP, plasminogen & proliferin receptor  
CD223 LAG-3 70kD IgSF Tact, Nkact MHC class II ligand, role in natural killing eBioC9B7W
CD224 GGT, Ggtp 27, 68kD   yolk sac, protoplasmic astrocytes, endoth, embryonic stem cell lines gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase  
CD225 Ifitm1, fragilis2, Mil2     primordial germ cells adhesion, differentiation, interferon-induced transmembrane protein 1  
CD226 DNAM-1, PTA-1, TLiSA1   IgSF Th1, CD8 T, platelets platelet activation, T differentiation, costimulation, Th1 function eBio10E5
CD227 Muc1, EMA 300kD Mucin family type I TM lymphocytes, tumors, epith, increased in pregnancy epithelial membrane antigen, organogensis  
CD228 Melanotransferrin, Mfi2 80-95kD TransferrinSF mRNA: cartilage(high), testis(moderate)    
CD229 Ly-9, Lgp100 95, 110kD IgSF thymocytes, T, B, BM subset, not erythrocytes adhesion Ly9ab3
CD230 Prion protein, PrnP 35kD neurons, lymphocytes, other cells Scrapie-associated fibril protein    
CD231 TALLA-1, A15 30-45kD TM4SF mRNA: brain, colon, muscle, heart, kidney, spleen T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia marker, neuronal function  
CD232 VESP-R, PlexinC1 200kD   broad viral-encoded semaphorin protein receptor  
CD233 Band3, SLC4A1 90kD Anion exchanger F erythrocytes, mRNA: epith, other tissues anion pump, CO2 transport, linking membrane to cytoskeleton  
CD234 Duffy, Dfy, DARC 36-37kD   mRNA: spleen, BM, liver, brain, not erythrocytes Duffy blood group antigen chemokine receptor  
CD235a Glycophorin A, Gypa 36kD   erythrocytes one gene only in mouse for Glycophorin A  
CD236R Glycophorin C 32kD   erythrocytes    
CD238 Kell blood group, Kel 110kD   erythrocytes, mRNA: spleen    
CD239 (H) B-CAM, Lu 78-85kD IgSF mRNA: broad, erythrocytes Lutheran blood group, B adhesion to laminin  
CD240CE (H) Rhesus 30CE 30-32kD   erythrocytes Rh30CE & RH30D is one gene in the mouse: RH30  
CD241 Rhesus 50, RhAg 50kD TM12SF erythrocytes Rh antigens with CD47 & LW  
CD242 (H) ICAM-4, LW blood group 42kD IgSF erythrocytes adhesion, Landsteiner-Wiener blood group  
CD243 MDR-1, Abcb1, Pgp 170kD   T subset, stem cells, small intestine, kidney ion pump, cytokine export, CTL function  
CD244 2B4, Ly-90, Nmrk 78kD Type II TM, IgSF NK, NKT, LAK NK activation, CD48 receptor, MHC-unrestricted killing eBio244F4
CD246 ALK, Ki-1 200kD RTK family mRNA: brain, not normal lymphocytes anaplastic lymphoma kinase, brain development  
CD247 TCR zeta, cd3z 16kD RTK family T, NK subset TCR subunit, signaling, low level impaired immune function  
CD248 TEM1, Endosialin 175kD C-Type Lectin endoth tissue may function in tumor progression and angiogenesis  
CD249 (H) Aminopeptidase A     not defined in mouse    
CD252 OX-40 Ligand, gp34 35kD TNFSF Bact, cardiac myocytes T-B interaction, T costimulation RM134L
CD253 TRAIL, APO-2L   TNFSF NKact, liver NK apoptosis N2B2
CD254 TRANCE, RANKL, OPGL ~35kD TNFSF Tact, osteoblasts T-DC communication, osteoclast differentiation IK22/5
CD256 APRIL, TALL-2 16kD TNFSF Tact, mono, mac binds TACI and BCMA polyclonal
CD257 BLyS, BAFF, TALL-1 45kD TNFSF mono binds TACI, BCMA & BAFFR to induce B proliferation polyclonal
CD258 LIGHT, HVEM-L 28kD TNFSF Tact, immature DC binds LTBR to induce T proliferation, also binds HVEM mAb (please inquire)
CD261 (H) TRAIL-R1     not defined in mouse    
CD262 TRAIL-R2, DR5, Apo2, TRICK2, KILLER   TNFRSF broad ligand for TRAIL, activates NF-kappaB & mediates apoptosis, p53-dependent expression MD5-1
CD263 (H) TRAIL-R3     not defined in mouse   Polyclonal
CD264 (H) TRAIL-R4     not defined in mouse   Polyclonal
CD265 RANK, TRANCE-R, ODFR 97kD TNFRSF broad expression binding of TRANCE mediates osteoclastogenesis & T-DC interactions R12-31
CD266 TWEAK Receptor, Fn14 14kD TNFRSF mRNA in liver regeneration, Colon 26 cell line cell migration, proliferation, angiogenesis, activates NF-kappaB pathway ITEM-2
CD267 TACI, TNFRSF13b 32kD TNFRSF Tact and B binding of APRIL or BLyS stimulates B and T function eBio8F10-3
CD268 BAFFR, Bcmd 25kD TNFRSF B BLyS binding promotes survival of mature B & B response polyclonal
CD269 BCMA, TNFRSF13B 20kD Type III TM, TNFRSF mature B (membrane and perinuclear) binds APRIL, BAFF, survival and proliferation  
CD271 NGFR, TNFRSF16, p75 (NTR), Bex3, Ngfrap1 45kD TNFRSF neurons, mesenchymal stem cells binds NGF, BDNF, NT-3 and NT-4, tumor supressor mediate cell survival and death  
CD272 BTLA, B & T Lymphocyte Associated 33kD IgSF T, B , BM, splenic macs, BM derived DC binds HVEM, negative regulation 6F7 (blocking)
            8F4 (non-blocking)
CD273 B7DC, PD-L2, PDCD1L2 25kD IgSF DC subset, mono, mac binds PD-1, co-stimulation or supression of T cell proliferation TY25
CD274 B7-H1, PD-L1, PDCD1LG1 33kD IgSF leukocytes, decrease in mature thymic T cells binds PD-1, proliferation and cytokine production MIH5
CD275 B7-H2, GL50, ICOS-L, B7h, B7RP-1 60kD B7 family APC, B, DC, mac lymphocyte costimulation, receptor for ICOS HK5.3
CD276 B7-H3, B7RP-2 40-45kD B7 family in vitro cultured DC and mono negative regulator of T cell activation M3.2D7
CD277 (H) BT3.1     not defined in mouse    
CD278 ICOS, Inducible T cell COStimulator , Ly115 55-60kD CD28 family Tact, Th2 T costimulation, B7-H2 receptor, cytokine production 7E.17G9
CD279 PD-1, programmed death-1 55kD IgSF Tact, Bact negatively regulates lymphocytes, T cell development J43
CD280 ENDO180, UPARAP, MRC2 180kD CD28 family chondrocytes binds uPAR, mannose receptor, collagen matrix remodeling & endocytic recycling  
CD281 TLR1 90kD TLR family low levels in leukocytes innate immunity, with TLR2 eBioTR23
CD282 TLR2 90kD TLR family myeloid lineage: mac & DC in spleen response to bacterial lipoproteins 6C2
CD283 TLR3 100kD TLR family DC subset, mac, fibroblasts, induced by LPS binds dsRNA, activation of NK-kappaB T3.7C3
CD284 TLR4, Ly87, Rasl2-8 100kD TLR family, ASV thioglycolate-elicited peritoneal mac binds LPS, innate immunity MTS510
CD289 TLR9 120kD TLR family DC subset (intracellular) binds CpG-DNA m9.D6
CD292 BMPR1A, ALK3 57kD Type I, BMP receptor bone progenitor, broad binds BMP 2 & 4, bone development, germ layer specification  
CD293 BMPR1B, ALK6 57kD Type I, BMP receptor bone progenitor, developing retina binds BMP, bone development, neurogenesis  
CD294 CRTH2, GPR44 55-70kD GPCR-7TM Th2, eosinophils, basophils binds prostaglandin D2, chemotaxis  
CD295 LeptinR, LEPR 132kD Type I cytokine-like receptor, ASV broad adipose metabolism, may be involved in immune dysfunction in obesity  
CD296 ART1, RT6, ART2 37kD ADP- ribosyltransferase heart and skeletal muscle, peripheral T, NK subset GPI linked protein modifies integrin during differentiation  
CD297 ART4, dombrock blood group 38kD ADP- ribosyltransferase heart, lung, liver, and spleen, erythroid, monoact    
CD298 Na+/K+-ATPase beta3 subunit, ATP1B3 52kD   broad transporter  
CD299 (H) DC-SIGN-related     not defined in mouse    
CD301-302 (H)       not defined in mouse    
CD303 Clecsf10, dectin-2   C-type lectin domain family 4 tissue mac, DC, upregulated on blood mono inflammatory lesion, UV-induced tolerance  
CD304 BDCA4,          
neuropilin 1,            
Nrp, NP-1 130kD semaphorin family DC, neurons, endoth & tumor cells, CD4+/CD25+ Treg binds VEGF165, semaphorins, coreceptor with plexin, axonal guidance, angiogenesis, cell survival, migration polyclonal  
CD305 LAIR1 32-40kD IgSF, ASV broad, NK, B, T, mono inhibitory receptor on NK and T cells 113
CD306-307 (H)       not defined in mouse    
CD309 VEGFR2, Flk-1, KDR 230kD Type III TM tyr kinase endoth, angiogenic precursor cells; hemangioblast binds VEGF, regulates adhesion and cell signaling Avas12a1
CD312 (H) EMR2     not defined in mouse    
CD314 NKG2D, KLRK1 42kD Type II lectin-like receptor NK, CD8+ activated, not CD4+ in the periphery, macact binds MHC class I, Rae1 & ULBP4, cytolysis and cytokine production; costimulatory CX5 (blocking)
            MI6 (blocking)
            C7 (blocking)
            A10 (activating)
CD315 CD9P1, SMAP6, FPRP, PTGFRN 135kD IgSF B subset, monoact with CD81 and CD9  
CD316 EWI2, PGRL, KASP 63-75kD TM4SF, IgSF8 B, T, low on NK cells with CD81 & CD9; involved in cell migration  
CD317 BST2 30-36kD Type II BM stromals, fibroblasts, plasmacytoid DC pre-B cell growth, overexpressed in multiple myeloma eBio129c1
CD318 CDCP1, CUB domain containing protein 1          
CD319 CRACC, SLAMF7 66kD Ig TM predicted: T, B and DC subset, NK, upregulated in DC regulate T and NK cells  
CD320     8D6, VLDL      
CD321 JAM1, F11 receptor, KAR 12.5kD IgSF, Type I, AVS epith and endoth, platelets tight junction, binds reovirus & LFA1, platelet receptor  
CD322 JAM2, VE-JAM 45kD IgSF HEV and other endothelia mediates transendothelial migration of lymphocytes  
CD324 E-Cadherin, Uvomorulin 120kD cadherin SF non-neural epith binding to integrin alphaE/beta7 & homotypic interactions mediate cell adhesion DECMA-1
CD325 N-Cadherin, Cadherin-2 140kD cadherin SF brain, skeletal & cardiac muscle adhesion, may be involved in neuronal recognition mechanism  
CD326 Ep-CAM, EGP, Ly-74 40kD thymocytes, epith, DC may function as growth factor receptor or adhesion molecule    
CD327 (H) siglec6     not defined in mouse    
CD328 (H) siglec7     not defined in mouse    
CD329 siglec9, siglecl1   IgSF monocyte/myeloid cells mediates sialic-acid dependent binding to cells  
CD331 FGFR1, FLT2, N-SAM 30kD TM tyr kinase fibroblasts, epithelial binds FGF, wound healing, bone development  
CD332 FGFR2, KGFR, KSAM 115-135kD TM tyr kinase fibroblasts, epithelial, ectoderm of embryo binds FGF, embryonic limb development, AER  
CD333 FGFR3, ACH, CEK2 115kD TM tyr kinase, ASV fibroblasts, epithelial, astrocytes binds FGF, bone & CNS development  
CD334 FGFR4, TKF 110kD TM tyr kinase fibroblasts, epithelial, hepatocytes binds FGF, bone development  
CD335 NKp46, Ly-94 homolog 46kD IgSF NK binds non-MHC, NK activation 29A1.4
CD336 (H) NKp44     not defined in mouse    
CD337 (H) Ncr3, IC7, Ly117     mouse IC7 mRNA in liver    
CD338 ABCG2, Mxr, ABC15, BCRP1 73kD GPCR 7TM stem cell subset (side population) Multi-drug resistance transporter  
CD339 Jagged-1, Serrate1 135kD EGF TM BM stromal & mac, stromal cell lines receptor for Notch-1, 2, & 3, hematopoiesis, Th2 fate  


Mouse non-CD Cellular Antigens
4-1BBL Tnfsf9   TNFSF Bact, DCact, peritoneal macact DC activation, cytokine production TKS-1
33D1 antigen DC-specific marker     DC subpopulations upregulated by GM-CSF, downregulated by IL-4 33D1
AA4.1 antigen see CD93          
ABCG2 see CD338          
AC133 see CD133          
AID Aicda   RNA-editing deaminase family Germinal Center B (low to undetectable levels) Activation-Induced Deaminase, Ig class switch recombination eBio961
B7-DC see CD273          
B7-H1 see CD274          
B7-H2 see CD275          
B7-H3 see CD276          
B7-H4 B7S1, B7x, GPI-linkedF3     T, B, mono, DC subsets lymphocyte costimulation eBioMIH29 (MIH29)
            clone 9
BP-1 Ly-51, 6C3, Enpep 120-160kD Type II TM early B progenitors, BM stromal cells, thymic epith zinc metalloproteinase, glutamyl aminopeptidase 6C3
BTLA see CD272          
CCR7 see CD197          
CIRE see CD209          
c-Met Met, HGFR/SFR, Par4 190kD heterodimer, PTK epith, hematopoietic progenitors, early thymocytes, not detected in adult tissues tumor growth/matastasis, Hepatocyte Growth Factor/Scatter Factor receptor, T development, hematopoiesis eBioclone 4
            eBioclone 7
CMKLR1 chemokine-like receptor 1 42kD GPCR 7TM pDC (CD123+), in vitro derived moDC binds chemerin, pDC reruitment, may be involved in bone development mAb (please inquire)
DC maturation marker       mature DC, B, intracellular granules eBio2A1
DR5 see CD262          
DX5 see CD49b          
F4/80 antigen Emr1, pan-macrophage marker 125kD TM7 resident tissue mac, liver Kupffer cells, not blood mono, distinguishes mono/mac from fibroblasts macrophage maturation BM8
FIRE emr4 90-100kD EGF-7TM mac, neutrophilsact, BM derived DC myeloid-B cell interaction 6F12
Flk-1 see CD309          
Flt-4 VEGFR3 170kD RTK family lymphatic endoth endoth growth factor receptor, binds VEGF-C AFL4
Foxp3 SCURFIN 50kD Fox family forkhead T cells (CD4+/CD25+ subset and CD8+ subset) transcription factor, may be upregulated in T regs FJK-16s
GITR AITR, Tnfrsf18 30kD TNFRSF T subset, Tact costimulator for CD4+CD25+ Treg subset, induction of apoptosis, regulation of Treg and mucosal immunity DTA-1
GITRL AITRL, Tnfsf18 TNFSF     DC, Mac, B costimulation for T subset eBioYGL386
Granzyme B CCP1, Ctla1, Gzmb 30kD   cytotoxic granules of NK & CTL (CD8+) proteolysis, induction of perforin-mediated apoptosis 16G6
HVEM TNFRSF14, TR2 60kD TNFRSF broad expression receptor for LIGHT, LTalpha, BTLA, Herpes Simplex Virus, involved in lymphocyte activation mAb (please inquire)
ICOS see CD278          
IgD       peripheral mature B cells   11-26c
            activating polyclonal
IgE Receptor high affinity FcepsilonRIalpha     basophils, eosinophils, mono, mast, & Langerhans cells high affinity binding to IgE 38776
IgM       surface expression by mature B cells II/41
IL-15R alpha       Tact, dim expression binds to IL-15, w/ IL-2Rbeta and common gamma, IL-15 trans-presentation mAb (please inquire)
IL-21R       broad on T, B, NK, DC induction of apoptosis in B, expansion of CD3 activated T, NK activation, inhibition of DC eBio4A9
Jagged-1 see CD339          
JAML JAM family   IgSF neutrophils, mono junctional adhesion molecule 1-like protein, cell contact, neutrophil migration, binds to CAR (coxsackie and adenovirus receptor) eBio4E10
KLRG1 MAFA 30-38kD   NK & T subset inhibition of cytokine production and cytotoxicity 2F1
Lymphotoxin beta Receptor Tnfrsf3 47kD TNFRSF mast, stromal cells, epith lymphoid organ development eBio3C8
Ly-6A/E Sca-1 18kD GPI-linked hematopoietic progenitors, myeloid subset, peripheral lymphoid, mast cells T activation D7
Ly-6C   14-17kD GPI-linked endoth, T, NK, mono, mac    
Ly-6D ThB, Ly-61 15kD GPI-linked B, T, thymic epith    
Ly-6G Gr-1 21-25kD GPI-linked myeloid cells, upregulated in gran   RB6-8C5
Ly-49A A1, Klra1 85kD Type II TM C-type lectin T subset, NK subset regulation of cytotoxicity, binds MHC class I eBio12A8
Ly-49B Klra2          
Ly-49C Klra3, 5E6 110kD Type II TM C-type lectin T subset, NK subset regulation of cytotoxicity, binds MHC class I 14B11
Ly-49D Klra4   Type II TM C-type lectin NK subset NK activation eBio12A8
Ly-49E Klra5          
Ly-49F Klra6         14B11
Ly-49G LGL1, Klra7 85kD Type II TM C-type lectin T subset, NK subset regulation of cytotoxicity AT8
Ly-49H Klra8 Type II TM C-type lectin       14B11
Ly-49I Klra9 Type II TM C-type lectin       14B11
Mac-3   93-110kD   mac (surface & intracellular) related to CD107b   M3/84
MAdCAM-1   50kD IgSF, Type I TM endoth subset mucosal vascular addressin cell adhesion molecule, adhesion, lymph homing, binds CD49d & CD62L MECA-367
MCP-1 monocyte chemoattractant protein; CCL2 16kD   splenocytes chemoattractant for mac and basophils 400
MD-1 Ly86 28kD   mature B, mono/mac, DC w/ RP105 (CD180), regulates CD180 surface expression & B cell response to LPS, also secreted MD14
Nanog       embryonic stem cells transcription factor, ES self renewal eBioM320
NKG2A see CD159a          
NKG2A B6 CD159a, Klrc1 38kD C-type lectin C57BL/6 mouse strain w/ CD94, Qa-1(b) receptor, inhibitory signaling 16a11
NKG2B     C-type lectin splice variant of NKG2A    
NKG2C see CD159c          
NKG2D see CD314          
NKG2E     C-type lectin NK & NKT cells w/ CD94, Qa-1(b) receptor, stimulatory signaling 20d5
Notch-1 Lin-12, Tan1     developing embryo, variety of adult tissues cell-cell interaction, cell fate determination mN1A
OX40 Ligand see CD252          
PD-1 see CD279          
Perforin Perforin1, Pfp, Prf1 70kD   intracellular, NK and CTL (CD8+) cytolysis, apoptosis eBioOMAK-D
Plexin B2 Plxnb2, Debt Semaphorin/Plexin Family   mRNA in nervous system   eBio3E7
Prominin-1 see CD133          
RAE-1 gamma       mRNA in early embryo, not adult tissues; upregulated by retinoic acid or certain disease conditions, RAE-1alpha, -beta, and -gamma are expressed in BALB/c mice, but not in C57BL/6, whereas RAE-1delta and -epsilon are expressed in C57BL/6 mice ligand for NKG2D CX1
RANK see CD265          
ROR gamma (t)   58kD ROR family Transcription Factor Th17 cells, thymus transcriptional regulation AFKJS-9
SAP SLAM-associated protein 14kD adaptor protein T, NK negatively regulates SLAM-family receptors eBio5G8
Sca-1 see Ly6-A/E          
Sema4A Sema b, SemB semaphorin family   DC, B, Tact T constimulation, may not be ligand for Tim-2? KL-1 (aka SK31)
SLP-76   76kD   T, low in B T cell receptor mediated signaling MS76
SSEA-1 stage-specific embryonic antigen-1     mouse ES cells, embryonic carcinomas, germ cells down regulated by differentiation eBioMC-480 (MC-480)
T-bet       Th1 cells transcription factor, T development / differentiation eBioT422
TCR alpha beta       T subset antigen recognition H57-597
TCR gamma delta       T subset antigen recognition GL3
TCR-HY       Transgenic H-Y T cells   T3.70
Ter-119 Ly-76     early proerythroblast to mature erythrocyte w/ glycophorinA, but not a typical glycophorin TER-119
TIE2 see CD202b          
TIM-1 Timd1, Havcr1   Type I TM, IgSF mRNA activated T cells   RMT1-4
TIM-2 Timd2   Type I TM, IgSF mRNA activated T cells receptor for Sema4A RMT2-1
TIM-3 Th1-speci.c marker, Havcr2   Type I TM late stage of T cell differentiation, CD4+ Th1, CD8+ Tc1 effector function of Th1, macrophage activation, regulation of autoimmunity, hepatitis A virus cellular receptor 2 8B.2C12
TLR1 - TLR4 see CD281 - CD284          
TLR5       mRNA: liver, lung, lower level in MOLF/Ei mice Gram-negative bacterial infection  
TLR6       mRNA: spleen, thymus, ovary, lung activation of NF-kappaB & JunK  
TLR7 PRO285 125kD TLR family many tissues, DC subset innate immune response to microbial agents polyclonal
TLR8 PRO286 126kD TLR family many tissues, DC subset innate immune response to microbial agents polyclonal
TLR9 see CD289          
TLR11           polyclonal
TLR13           mAb (please inquire)
TRAIL see CD253          
TRANCE see CD254          
TWEAK TNF-related weak inducer of apoptosis   TNFSF, Type II TM mRNA in many adult and fetal tissues membrane-bound and secreted forms, apoptosis, binds Fn14 MTW-1
TWEAK Receptor see CD266          
ZAP-70 TCR zeta-associated kinase 70kD Syk family T (intracellular), NK TCR signaling & development 1E7.2