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eBioscience produces premium-quality, yet value-priced, immunological reagents that give you optimal signal-to-noise in your experiments. Our product expertise includes commonly used immunophenotyping markers (mouse, human and rat CDs), cytoskeletal and cytoplasmic proteins, chemokine receptors, as well as intracellular cytokines/chemokines and intra-nuclear proteins including transcription factors.

Over 10,000 products are listed in our online Product Catalog along with the technical information and a large selection of flexible sizes (10 μg to 500 μg) and conjugates for each antibody. eBioscience was established in 1999 in San Diego by antibody experts whose expertise you have trusted for many years.

Please browse through our online Product Catalog or find specific products using the search box on the top right of each web page. To download or request print literature, visit our Product Literature page.

Please contact our Technical Support team for further assistance or visit our FAQ page.