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eFluor® Fluorophores and Dyes

eFluor is the eBioscience brand of fluorophores and dyes developed specifically for labeling and detection of biomolecules. With the eFluor brand you will find both nanocrystal and organic dye fluorophores for cell analysis, as well as functional dyes that enable cell proliferation and cell viability assays. Each eFluor fluorophore is engineered for superior optical performance in a variety of applications.

eVolve™ QDots®

High quantum yield QDots® possess a heavy metal core particle surrounded by a surface coating enabling use in a wide variety of applications.

eFluor® Organic Dyes

Traditional fluorescent dyes for use in a wide variety of applications.

eFluor® Functional Dyes

Dyes optimized to enable cell proliferation assays and tracking cell viability.