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OneComp eBeads

GPR: General Purpose Reagents. For Laboratory Use.

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SKU# 01-1111

Cat. No. Size
01-1111-41 25 tests
01-1111-42 100 tests

Data for OneComp eBeads.

Staining of OneComp eBeads with 13 different PE-conjugated monoclonal antibodies including one of...View More

  • Data for OneComp eBeads.

Description: OneComp eBeads react with antibodies of mouse, rat and hamster origin, and are immunoglobulin light chain-independent. The beads are spherical particles that can be stained with individual fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies for use as single-color compensation controls.

Each drop of beads contains two populations: a positive population that will capture any mouse, rat or hamster antibody and a negative population that will not react with antibody. When a fluorochrome-conjugated antibody is added to the beads, both positive and negative populations result. This bimodal distribution can be used for single-color compensation controls in multicolor flow cytometry experiments.

OneComp eBeads cross-react to some antibodies of rabbit origin, but have not been extensively tested for this reactivity. OneComp eBeads are designed for use in compensation with all fluorochromes excited by blue (488 nm), green (532 nm), yellow-green (561 nm), and red (633-635 nm) lasers. This product is compatible with eFluor® 450 but is not optimized for compensation of other fluorochromes excited by a violet (405 nm) laser.

Reactivity Hamster, Mouse, Rat
Reported Applications Flow Cytometric Analysis
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