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Functional Grade Reagents for use in vitro and in vivo

T Cell and B Cell Activation, Co-stimulation and Polarization

Essential to evaluating any biological system is the ability to mimic relevant pathways. Functional antibodies may be used for activation, blocking and/or neutralization studies within cellular systems.

SAFE™ Recombinant Proteins

The SAFE™ (serum and animal-free, low endotoxin) system uses barley endosperm storage cell, characterized by its biochemically inert environment and lack of endotoxins, as the production host. Further advantages of this system include low protease activity and secondary metabolite content and simple protein content all of which aid in downstream processing.

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In vitro Cytokine Bioassays

eBioscience's provides high purity, low endotoxin bioactive recombinant proteins that can be used to evaluate biological systems by mimicking and/or inhibiting relevant pathways, both at the cellular and tissue level and in whole organism models. The biological activity of cytokines is commonly measured by cellular proliferation of primary cell cultures or in vitro adapted cell lines that are dependent and/or responsive to a specific growth factor.

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