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Immunohistochemistry & Immunocytochemistry

Multicolor Fluorescence Imaging

Immunohistochemistry and Imaging Overview

Antibody-mediated detection of protein antigens in cells and tissues can be achieved
with a variety of methods, including western blotting and flow cytometry. Another widely
used and particularly exciting way to explore biological systems is through the use of

  • Immunocytochemistry: visualizing protein localization within cells.
  • Immunohistochemistry: visualizing protein localization within tissues.

Immunohistochemistry reveals the abundance, distribution and localization of biomarkers within a tissue. This technique gives insight into cellular structure and cellular mechanisms and as such is applicable for basic research, as well as being indispensable in clinical settings. Target antigens may be evaluated using specific antibodies directly conjugated with enzyme or fluorophores, or indirectly using similarly labeled secondary antibodies and reagents.