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Cytokines, Chemokines and Growth Factors

Cytokines, Chemokines and Growth Factors are proteins which orchestrate cell growth, cell proliferation and differentiation / maturation. While there are a great number and variety of these proteins, each is capable of promoting its own set of biological effects, from specific to broadly overlapping activities. Cytokines are secreted proteins that play a role in both the induction and effector phases of all immune and inflammatory responses, including cell proliferation, intercellular communication, and cell death. Chemokines are small cytokines which attract and recruit other cells into a localized area to exert their biologic effects. Growth factors include both cytokines and protein hormones, which stimulate proliferation as well as differentiation and maturation of responsive cells.

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Name Clone Application Cat. No. Reg.  

ProcartaPlex Human 4-1BBL (CD137L) Simplex

Multiplex EPX010-15901 RUO

Human Activin A Protein Carrier-Free

FA 34-8993 RUO

Human Activin A Recombinant Protein

FA 14-8993 RUO

Adalimumab (Humira®) ELISA Kit

ELISA 87-51885 RUO

ProcartaPlex Human APRIL Simplex

Multiplex EPX01A-12008 RUO

B18R Recombinant Protein

FA 14-8185 RUO

B18R Recombinant Protein Carrier-Free

FA 34-8185 RUO

Human BAFF Instant ELISA


ProcartaPlex Mouse BAFF Simplex

Multiplex EPX01A-26096 RUO

ProcartaPlex Human BAFF Simplex

Multiplex EPX01A-12007 RUO

Human BDNF Recombinant Protein Purified

FA 14-8366 RUO

Platinum ProcartaPlex Human BDNF Simplex

Multiplex EPXP010-12116 RUO

ProcartaPlex NHP BDNF Simplex

Multiplex EPX01A-42116 RUO

ProcartaPlex Human BDNF Simplex

Multiplex EPX01A-12116 RUO

ProcartaPlex Human BLC (CXCL13) Simplex

Multiplex EPX01A-12147 RUO

ProcartaPlex NHP BLC (CXCL13) Simplex

Multiplex EPX01A-42147 RUO

Human BMP-2 Recombinant Protein

FA 14-8507 RUO

Human BMP-2 Recombinant Protein Carrier-Free

FA 34-8507 RUO

SAFE™ Human BMP-2 Recombinant Animal Free Protein

FA 68-8775 RUO

ProcartaPlex Mouse BTC Simplex

Multiplex EPX01A-26042 RUO

Human BTLA Platinum ELISA


Anti-Mouse c-Met (HGF Receptor) FITC

eBioclone 7 FC 11-8854 RUO

Anti-Mouse c-Met (HGF Receptor) PE

eBioclone 7 FC 12-8854 RUO

Anti-Mouse c-Met (HGF Receptor) Purified

eBioclone 7 FC 14-8854 RUO

Anti-Human c-Met (HGF Receptor) Biotin

eBioclone 97 FC 13-8858 RUO

Items 1-25 of 1662

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FC = Flow Cytometry, Intracellular Staining/Flow Cytometry; ELISA = ELISA, ELISPOT; Multiplex = Multiplex Immunoassays; ICC = Immunocytochemistry; IHC = Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluorescence, Microscopy, Imaging, In Vivo Imaging; IHC-F = Immunohistochemical Staining of Frozen Tissue Sections; IHC-P = Immunohistochemical Staining of Formalin-Fixed Paraffin Embedded Tissue Sections; FA = Functional Assays, Bioassays, Neutralization, Depletion Studies, Biomolecule Conjugation; IP = Immunoprecipitation; WB = Western Blotting

RUO = Research Use Only; GPR = General Purpose Reagent; ASR = Analyte Specific Reagent. Analytical and performance characteristics are not established; CE = CE-marked reagents