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Cancer Biology

Elucidation of the causes and treatment of cancer remains a formidable challenge in modern medicine. Although there have been significant advances in our understanding of the underlying biology of cancer, many cellular mechanisms and interactions are continually under scrutiny with new discoveries every day. Cancer has extraordinarily diverse features with respect to causation, underlying pathology, clinical symptoms and therapeutic response. eBioscience offers a broad portfolio of reagents to support your cancer research needs.


Monitor apoptosis with products for flow cytometry, western blot and IHC.

Apoptosis Products

Cell Signaling

Reagents for evaluation of ligand-receptor interaction, intracellular signaling molecules and phenocytic changes. Key targets include Foxp3, Bcl-6, and ZAP-70.

Cell Signaling Products

Support Products



Buffers and Solutions

Buffers and Solutions



Cell Cycle and Proliferation

Novel dyes to evaluate cell cycle in vitro or in vivo, as well as gold-standard viability dyes, antibodies, and kits.

Cell Structure

Capture structural elements within a cell using multicolor data analysis and directly conjugated antibodies.

Cell Structure Products

Adhesion and Migration

Tools to identify adhesion molecule involvement in cell communication and immune cell migration


Tools to study the natural process of vascular generation during embryonic development and tissue or wound repair.

Angiogenesis Products