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ViewRNA- Ordering

Ordering Products

QuantiGene Products are currently processed through our Santa Clara office, our Vienna office, or directly through our distributors.

To place an order within the US or Canada, please fax a purchase order to +1.408.731.5226 or email to  For phone or credit card orders, please call +1.408.731.5730. 

To place an order within Europe, please fax a purchase order to +43.1.796.4040.400 or email to  For phone or credit card orders, please call +43.1.796.4040.305.

Obtain a Quote

To obtain the most accurate pricing, please contact your QuantiGene sales specialist and they will provide the appropriate quote.  You can also contact customer service at +1.408.731.5730 for US/Canada and +43.1.796.4040.305 for Europe.




ViewRNA Cell Assay Kits

Summary all of the kits, materials, and equipment necessary to run a ViewRNA ISH Cell Assay. PDF

Required components, each sold separately:

  • ViewRNA ISH Cell Assay Kit—contains all the assay reagents for signal amplification and detection required for visualization of 1 to 3 target RNAs (mRNA and lncRNA) using adherent or suspension cells.
  • ViewRNA Probe Sets—target specific probes (TYPE 1, 4, 6 and/or 10) See the Probe Set Catalog.

Optional kits, each sold separately:

  • ViewRNA ISH Cell 740 Module—designed to be used in conjunction with ViewRNA ISH Cell Assay and allows analysis of an additional RNA target in the 740 channel. PDF
  • ViewRNA ISH Cell Accessory Kit—intended to provide many of the required components, not supplied in the reagent kit, in order to perform the assay. See the Package Insert for a complete list of materials provided in the kit. PDF
Product Size

Catalog #

ViewRNA ISH Cell Assay Kit Kit QVC001
ViewRNA ISH Cell 740 Module Kit QVC0200
ViewRNA ISH Cell Accessory Kit each QVC0700

* 24 assays when using cover slips in a 24-well plate
  96 assays when using cover slips mounted on glass slides
  (additional 10X PBS, Detergent Solution and Wash Buffer Comp. are required)
  16 assays when using the Four-Chambered Dish Format
  (Four-chamber dish is required)
  144 assays when using a 96-well plate
  (96-well optical bottom plate is required)


ViewRNA ISH Cell Assay Probesets

ViewRNA Probe Sets are designed, manufactured and packaged for use with the ViewRNA products.

For a complete list of all available ViewRNA Probe Sets see our On-Line ViewRNA Probe Set Catalog.

By Request (new) ViewRNA Probe Sets can be designed and synthesized at no additional cost. At time of order, you will need to provide the accession number (including version or gene id number) or RNA sequence for the target of interest as well as the desired detection channel for each target (Ex. 488 nm, 550 nm, 650 nm or 740 nm exitation). Please allow 1 week for delivery of a new ViewRNA Probe Set.

IMPORTANT ViewRNA ISH Cell Assays utilize TYPE 1, 4, 6, or 10 signal amplification systems only. The TYPE 1 corresponds to the 550 channel, TYPE 4 corresponds to the 488 channel, TYPE 6 corresponds to the 650 channel and TYPE 10 corresponds to the 740 channel.

Product Size

Catalog #

ViewRNA Probe Set By Request 0.44 mL VX0-99999-01
ViewRNA Type 1 Probe Set 0.44 mL VX1-99999-01
ViewRNA Type 4 Probe Set 0.44 mL VX4-99999-01
ViewRNA Type 6 Probe Set 0.44 mL VX6-99999-01
ViewRNA Type 10 Probe Set 0.44 mL VS10-99999-01

ViewRNA Supplemental Components.

Product Size
Catalog #
Hyrodphobic Barrier Pen each QVC0500
Forceps* each QVC0501
Tissue-Tek Staining Dish (Clear)* each QVC0502
Tissue-Tek Slide Rack* each QVC0503
Tissue Culture 24-well Plate* each QVC0504
Microscope Slides* 12 each QVC0505
Rectangular Cover Glass* 15 each QVC0506
Cover Slips* 50 each QVC0507
Four-Chambered Dish 10 each QVC0510
QuantiGene Wash Buffer Components Sufficient for 1 L QG0507
10X PBS 42 mL QVC0508
Detergent Solution QC 11 mL QVC0509
Protease QS 22 uL QVC0511
Probe Set Diluent QF 12 mL QVC0512
Amplifier Diluent QF 24 mL QVC0513
Label Probe Diluent QF 12 mL QVC0514
100X DAPI 105 uL QVC0515


Temperature Validation Kit

The ViewRNA Temperature Validation Kit uses a calibrated thermometer to assess the accuracy of the temperature of the oven incubator used in the assay.

Product Size

Catalog #

ViewRNA Temperature Validation Kit 1 kit QV0523


Horizontal Airflow Ovens from Affymetrix

Recommended oven for the QuantiGene Singleplex assay. Provides optimal temperature uniformity during the hybridization steps.

Product Size

Catalog #

Horizontal Air Flow Oven, 120V 1.6 cu. ft. QS0704
Horizontal Air Flow Oven, 120V 3 cu. ft. QS0700
Horizontal Air Flow Oven, 120V 5 cu. ft. QS0701
Horizontal Air Flow Oven, 220V 1.6 cu. ft. QS0712
Horizontal Air Flow Oven, 220V 3 cu. ft. QS0710
Horizontal Air Flow Oven, 220V 5 cu. ft. QS0711