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QuantiGene® Singleplex HT Assay

Gene expression-based high throughput screening (HTS)

In drug discovery, time is money. Fast-track your discovery using the QuantiGene Singleplex HT Assay, which enables gene expression-based high-throughput screening of thousands of compounds every day. The assay's ELISA-like workflow is amenable to automation and does not require RNA purification or extensive assay optimization. The extremely robust QuantiGene Singleplex HT Assay is hybridization-based and uses no enzymes, instead it relies on branched DNA technology for signal amplification and luminescence for signal readout.

QuantiGene Singleplex HT Assay capture plate

Unique Benefits

High throughput: simple ELISA-like workflow is easily automated with liquid handling and dispensing platforms, with no RNA purification needed.
Robust and reproducible: higher Z'-factors are typically attained with the QuantiGene Singleplex HT Assay than with qPCR, giving you more confidence in your hits.
Easy to use: no optimization of probe sets are required, sample preparation is minimal, and 384-well plate format allows for direct transfer of cells cultured in 384-well plates.