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QuantiGene® Singleplex Assay Data Specifications

  Limit of Detection   ≤ 200 transcripts/assay well
  Limit of Quantitation   ≤ 500 transcripts/assay well
  Linear Dynamic Range   ≥ 3.5 logs
  Assay CV   ≤ 10% intra-assay; ≤ 15% inter-assay
  Compatible Sample Types   Cultured cells, bacteria, whole blood,
  PAXgene blood or dried blood spots,
  fresh/frozen tissues (animal or plant),
  FFPE samples, purified RNA
  Assay Format   96-well plate
  Targets/well   1

QuantiGene Singleplex Assay Accuracy:
Excellent Correlation with QuantiGene and TaqMan Data

To demonstrate the accuracy of the QuantiGene Singleplex assay, measurements of twenty transcripts from two reference RNA samples were made and compared to QuantiGene and TaqMan data. Reference RNA samples were human brain total RNA and universal human reference RNA as described in Canales et al. 2006. Nature Biotechnology 24(9):1115-1122. As shown below, excellent correlations in fold-change of RNA levels in the reference samples were seen between QuantiGene SinglePlex and TaqMan assays (R2 = 0.965). TaqMan data are from Canales at al. 2006 publication.

QuantiGene 2.0 Assay Accuracy