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QuantiGene® Plex DNA Copy Number Variation Assay- Literature & Support


  • QuantiGene Assays for Cancer and Disease Research PDF
  • QuantiGene Assays for DNA Copy Number Analysis PDF
  • Product Spotlight: QuantiGene Plex Assays for DNA Copy Number PDF
  • Affymetrix Expanding Technologies: Discovery, Exploration, Validation and Genetic Testing PDF
  • Comprehensive Genomics Solutions for Analyzing FFPE Archival Tissues from Whole-Genome to Single Molecules PDF


User Manual

  • QuantiGene Plex DNA Assay PDF

Package Inserts

  • QuantiGene Plex DNA Assay Kit: 1- or 3-plate PDF; 10-plate PDF
  • QuantiGene Sample Processing Kit Product Inserts
  • Cultured Cells PDF 
  • Fresh/Frozen Animal Tissues PDF
  • Blood Samples PDF
  • FFPE Samples PDF
  • QuantiGene Incubator Temperature Validation Kit PDF


  • QuantiGene Singleplex Assay Kit MSDS PDF
  • QuantiGene Probes MSDS PDF