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QuantiGene® Assays

QuantiGene is a signal amplification technology utilized for the quantitation of gene expression transcripts.  We have 4 different technologies that incorporate the branched DNA technology which is used to amplify the signal and provides a more robust and accurate measurement compared to qPCR. The QuantiGene Plex and QuantiGene Singleplex assays are designed to quantitatively measure RNA directly from cell or tissue homogenates without RNA purification. PrimeFlow™ and ViewRNA are in situ based assays that can measure or visualize RNA directly in the cells.



RNA Assay


Quantitatively measure from 3-80 genes in a single well of 96-well plate using the Luminex platform.

Single-plex measurement of genes using 96 or 384 well plates and Luminometer.

In situ detection of RNA in suspension cells and measured using a standard flow cytometer.

In situ detection of RNA in cells or tissues. Ability to measure down to single copy transcript.