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BioAssay Ready Antibodies and Recombinant Proteins

An intrinsic part of evaluating any biological system, is the ability to mimic and/or inhibit relevent pathways, both at the cellular level and in tissue and whole organism models. The use of commercially available antibodies and recombinant proteins is crucial to life science researchers in every field and has advanced our ability to explore these systems with consistent, reproducible results. With these tools, biologic systems can be systematically examined in all aspects: from the initiation of cell signaling via receptor-ligand interactions to the induction of intracellular pathways that promote cell activation and differentiation, as well as the expression of unique phenotypes and protein expression patterns. eBioscience offers an expansive list of highest quality Recombinant Proteins and Functional Grade Antibodies designed for optimal results when used in activation, neutralization, or blocking studies. 

Functional Grade Antibodies

Functional antibody products that induce, neutralize or block the natural biologic effects associated with cell signaling and protein-protein interactions. These reagents are provided in appropriate buffers containing extremely low endotoxin and are sodium azide free for use in vivo or in vitro applications.

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T cell Activation and Polarization

Functional grade antibodies and recombinant proteins necessary for T cell activation, differentiation and proliferation/expansion.

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Recombinant Proteins

Recombinant Proteins for cell activation,bioassay protocols and tissue culture applications. Carrier-free and no-azide formats available for use in vivo and in vitro.

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SAFE™ Cytokines and Chemokines

SAFE (Serum and Animal-Free, low Endotoxin) proteins are expressed in barley and have no mammalian or bacterial contaminants. They are becoming the gold standard for animal and cell-based studies.

SAFE Recombinants


Functional Dyes

Innovative and “gold standard” dyes for analysis of cell viability and proliferation, labeling of cell membrane and DNA, as well as calcium signaling and mitochondrial membrane potential measurement.

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Functional Dye Comparison Charts