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Magnisort Magnetic Cell Separation Kits

Magnisort Magnetic Cell Separation Kits

Purity for a cleaner workflow

Whether cells are being activated in vitro, stained for or sorted by flow cytometry, or magnetically enriched for genetic analysis or other downstream experiments, the key to success is reliable antibody reagents. Using our broad portfolio of antibodies and strong expertise in immunology, we developed MagniSort® technology to be a column-free magnetic separation platform for cell enrichment that is simpler, faster, and offers significant cost-savings compared to column-based separation methods. When absolute purity is not necessary, as is often the case with in vitro stimulation of T cells or the derivation of macrophages from peripheral blood monocytes, magnetic cell separation can deliver highly enriched cells without exposure to harsh separation protocols like flow cytometric sorting, or chemical gradients. Start your experiment with a system that yields less noise in your final result.

MagniSort® Protocol

Advantages of MagniSort® kits over column-based kits

  • Save time and money
  • Treat cells gently with no passage through a column
  • Eliminate cost and waste of disposable columns
  • Process 2 x 109 cells per kit (two times that of competitors)


Complete line of immune cell isolation reagents

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Validation Comparisons

Each positive kit is rigorously tested to ensure limited interference with biology.

Kits are equal or superior in purity and yield to most competitor kits tested.

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Downstream Applications

Pre-enrichment to save precious sort time.

Population transcriptomics to identify global gene expression changes by microarray or QuantiGene® Plex in your population of interest.

T cell activation to start polarization assays with purified T cells

Th17 Differentiation

Treg Differentiation