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PrimeFlow® RNA Assay Order Information

Product Availability

PrimeFlow® RNA products are currently available only in North America and European countries supported directly through eBioscience. In the near future, product will become available through our distribution network worldwide. We apologize for the delay as we bring this novel technology to the market.

Quotation and Order Process

In order to insure the accuracy of every order for PrimeFlow® RNA assay kits and probe sets, all orders require a quote request form to be completed online and submitted to our team of representatives. We will use the quote request as an opportunity to confirm the accuracy and detail of all requested assay components for the experiment you wish to perform. This includes probe set design and assay kit requirements.

Please fill out the Quote Request web form below to receive a quotation for PrimeFlow® RNA Probe Sets, Assay Kits and Accessories or Starter Packs. Use the Probe Set search tool below to search for Available (In Stock) Probe Sets or enter the sequence information in the Notes section of the Quote Request form for a Custom (By Request) Probe Set. A sales representative will contact you within two business days to discuss order details and verify the accuracy and shipment of the products.

For questions or product details, contact our Technical Support Team. For follow up on a quote request inquiry, contact eBioscience PrimeFlow® RNA Requests.

Available (In Stock) Probe Sets