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Anti-Mouse NK1.1 Purified

Also known as: CD161, NKR-P1C, Ly-55

Clone: PK136

RUO: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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SKU# 14-5941

Cat. No. Size
14-5941-81 50 ug
14-5941-82 100 ug
14-5941-85 500 ug

Data for Anti-Mouse NK1.1 Purified.

Staining of C57BL/6 splenocytes with Anti-Mouse CD3e PE (cat. 12-0031) and 0.25 ug of Mouse IgG2a K...View More

  • Data for Anti-Mouse NK1.1 Purified.

Description: The PK136 monoclonal antibody reacts with mouse NK1.1, an antigen expressed by natural killer cells and a subset of T cells in the NK1.1 mouse strains including C57BL and NZB. Several commonly used laboratory mouse strains such as BALB/c, SJL, AKR, CBA, C3H and A do not express the NK1.1 antigen. For detection of NK cells in these strains the monoclonal antibody DX5 (Cat. No. 14-5971) should be used. Simultaneous staining of C57BL/6 spleen cells with PK136 and DX5 reveals coexpression of both markers by a majority of cells as well as presence of small populations of DX5+PK136- and DX5-PK136+ cells.

Host Mouse
Isotype IgG2a, kappa
Reactivity Mouse
Conjugate Purified
Reported Applications Flow Cytometric Analysis, Immunoprecipitation
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Additional Formats
Cat. No. Name Excite Emit Application Reg.
17-5941 Anti-Mouse NK1.1 APC 633 - 647 nm 660 nm FC RUO
86-5941 Anti-Mouse NK1.1 eVolve™ 655 FC RUO
56-5941 Anti-Mouse NK1.1 Alexa Fluor® 700 633 - 647 nm 723 nm FC RUO
63-5941 Anti-Mouse NK1.1 Super Bright 600 405 nm 600 nm FC RUO
61-5941 Anti-Mouse NK1.1 PE-eFluor® 610 488 - 561 nm 607 nm FC RUO
16-5941 Anti-Mouse NK1.1 Functional Grade Purified FC, FA RUO
11-5941 Anti-Mouse NK1.1 FITC 488 nm 520 nm FC RUO
48-5941 Anti-Mouse NK1.1 eFluor® 450 405 nm 445 nm FC RUO
45-5941 Anti-Mouse NK1.1 PerCP-Cyanine5.5 488 nm 695 nm FC RUO
25-5941 Anti-Mouse NK1.1 PE-Cyanine7 488 - 561 nm 775 nm FC RUO
13-5941 Anti-Mouse NK1.1 Biotin FC RUO
12-5941 Anti-Mouse NK1.1 PE 488 - 561 nm 578 nm FC RUO
47-5941 Anti-Mouse NK1.1 APC-eFluor® 780 633 - 647 nm 780 nm FC RUO
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Cat. No. Name Excite Emit Application Reg.
11-4011 Anti-Mouse IgG FITC 488 nm 520 nm FC RUO
12-0031 Anti-Mouse CD3e PE 488 - 561 nm 578 nm FC RUO
13-4013 Anti-Mouse IgG Biotin FC, ELISA, IHC, WB RUO
17-4317 Streptavidin APC 633 - 647 nm 660 nm FC RUO
11-4317 Streptavidin FITC 488 nm 520 nm FC, ICC, IHC-F RUO
12-4317 Streptavidin PE 488 - 561 nm 578 nm FC RUO
14-4724 Mouse IgG2a K Isotype Control Purified FC, ICC, IHC RUO

References: Kitaichi N, Kotake S, Morohashi T, Onoe K, Ohno S, Taylor AW. Diminution of experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis (EAU) in mice depleted of NK cells. J Leukoc Biol. 2002 Dec;72(6):1117-21. (PK136, in vivo depletion, PubMed)

Koo, G. C. and J. R. Peppard. Establishment of monoclonal anti-Nk-1.1 antibody. Hybridoma 1984. 3(3): 301-3.

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