Mouse IL-1beta FlowCytomix Simplex

Also known as: Catabolin, Interleukin-1 beta, IL1F2

RUO: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Data for Mouse IL-1beta FlowCytomix Simplex.

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  • Data for Mouse IL-1beta FlowCytomix Simplex.

Description: This FlowCytomix Simplex Kit is designed for the measurement of Mouse IL-1beta in an immunoassay analyzed on a flow cytometer. Together with the FlowCytomix Mouse Basic Kit (cat. BMS8440FF), this kit can be used to detect IL-1beta alone or can be multiplexed with other Simplex Kits to measure a variety of analytes.

This kit contains bead population B4.

IL-1beta is a pro-inflamatory cytokine and is expressed by many cells including macrophage, NK cells, monocytes, and neutrophils. It belongs to the IL-1 family cluster. Associated activities with IL-1 are the induction of Prostaglandin E2 by synovial cells and release of collagenase with resulting destruction of cartilage and bone resorption.

IL-1, has multiple immunological functions including enhancement of IL-2 production by T cells and activation of B-cells (BAF) and thymocytes.

Reactivity Mouse
Sample Volume 25 uL
Suitable Sample Types cell culture supernatant, serum, plasma (EDTA, citrate)
Sensitivity 34.3 pg/mL
Standard Curve Range 69 - 50.000 pg/mL
Components 1 vial (175 ul) Fluorescent Beads (20x) coated with polyclonal antibody to mouse IL-1beta, Bead Population B4
2 vials mouse IL-1beta Standard (lyophilized): 1 ug/ml upon reconstitution
1 vial (350 ul) Biotin-Conjugate (20x) anti-mouse IL-1beta monoclonal antibody
Reported Applications Multiplex Immunoassay
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