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Anti-Mouse CD8a Super Bright 600

Also known as: CD8 alpha, Ly-2, Ly-35, Ly-B, Lyt-2

Clone: 53-6.7

RUO: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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SKU# 63-0081

Cat. No. Size
63-0081-80 25 ug
63-0081-82 100 ug

Data for Anti-Mouse CD8a Super Bright 600.

Staining of mouse splenocytes with Anti-Mouse CD3 APC (cat. 17-0032) and 0.25 ug of Rat IgG2a K...View More

  • Data for Anti-Mouse CD8a Super Bright 600.

Description: The 53-6.7 monoclonal antibody reacts with the mouse CD8a molecule. CD8a is an approximately 32-34 kDa cell surface receptor expressed either as a heterodimer with the CD8 beta chain (CD8 alpha beta) or as a homodimer (CD8 alpha alpha). A majority of thymocytes and a subpopulation of mature alpha beta TCR T cells express CD8 alpha beta while gamma delta TCR T cells, a subpopulation of intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes (IELs) and dendritic cells express CD8 alpha alpha. CD8 binds to MHC class I and through its association with protein tyrosine kinase p56lck plays a role in T cell development and activation of mature T cells.

Host Rat
Isotype IgG2a, kappa
Reactivity Mouse
Conjugate Super Bright 600
Laser Violet Laser
Emit 600 nm
Excite 405 nm
Legal Patent pending.
Reported Applications Flow Cytometric Analysis
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Additional Formats
Cat. No. Name Excite Emit Application Reg.
45-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a PerCP-Cyanine5.5 488 nm 695 nm FC RUO
14-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a Purified FC, IHC, IHC-F, IP RUO
47-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a APC-eFluor® 780 633 - 647 nm 780 nm FC RUO
46-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a PerCP-eFluor® 710 488 nm 710 nm FC RUO
53-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a Alexa Fluor® 488 488 nm 519 nm FC RUO
48-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a eFluor® 450 405 nm 445 nm FC RUO
25-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a PE-Cyanine7 488 - 561 nm 775 nm FC RUO
11-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a FITC 488 nm 520 nm FC RUO
12-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a PE 488 - 561 nm 578 nm FC RUO
35-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a PE-Cyanine5.5 488 - 567 nm 690 nm FC RUO
13-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a Biotin FC, IHC, IHC-F RUO
17-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a APC 633 - 647 nm 660 nm FC RUO
36-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a Functional Grade Biotin FC, IHC, IHC-F RUO
58-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a Alexa Fluor® 532 532 nm 561 nm FC RUO
56-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a Alexa Fluor® 700 633 - 647 nm 723 nm FC RUO
50-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a eFluor® 660 633 - 647 nm 668 nm FC, IHC, IHC-F RUO
15-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a PE-Cyanine5 488 - 561 nm 667 nm FC RUO
86-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a eVolve™ 655 FC RUO
61-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a PE-eFluor® 610 488 - 561 nm 607 nm FC RUO
42-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a eFluor® 615 595 nm 615 nm ICC, IHC, IHC-F RUO
69-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a eFluor® 506 405 nm 506 nm FC RUO
16-0081 Anti-Mouse CD8a Functional Grade Purified FC, FA RUO
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Cat. No. Name Excite Emit Application Reg.
17-0032 Anti-Mouse CD3 APC 633 - 647 nm 660 nm FC RUO
SB-4400 Super Bright Staining Buffer FC GPR
63-4321 Rat IgG2a K Isotype Control Super Bright 600 405 nm 600 nm FC RUO

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Yang Z, Day YJ, Toufektsian MC, Xu Y, Ramos SI, Marshall MA, French BA, Linden J. Myocardial infarct-sparing effect of adenosine A2A receptor activation is due to its action on CD4+ T lymphocytes. Circulation. 2006 Nov 7;114(19):2056-64. (53-6.7, in vivo depletion, PubMed)

Taylor JL, Ordway DJ, Troudt J, Gonzalez-Juarrero M, Basaraba RJ, Orme IM. Factors associated with severe granulomatous pneumonia in Mycobacterium tuberculosis-infected mice vaccinated therapeutically with hsp65 DNA. Infect Immun. 2005 Aug;73(8):5189-93. (53-6.7, IHC frozen)

Grabbe S, Varga G, Beissert S, Steinert M, Pendl G, Seeliger S, Bloch W, Peters T, Schwarz T, Sunderkötter C, Scharffetter-Kochanek K. Beta2 integrins are required for skin homing of primed T cells but not for priming naïve T cells. J Clin Invest. 2002 Jan;109(2):183-92. (53-6.7, IHC frozen)

Ledbetter JA, Rouse RV, Micklem HS, Herzenberg LA. T cell subsets defined by expression of Lyt-1,2,3 and Thy-1 antigens. Two-parameter immunofluorescence and cytotoxicity analysis with monoclonal antibodies modifies current views. J Exp Med. 1980 Aug 1;152(2):280-95.

Ledbetter, J. A. and L. A. Herzenberg. Xenogeneic monoclonal antibodies to mouse lymphoid differentiation antigens. Immunol Rev. 1979;47:63-90.

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