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Anti-Mouse CD170 (Siglec F) PE

Clone: 1RNM44N

RUO: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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SKU# 12-1702

Cat. No. Size
12-1702-80 25 ug
12-1702-82 100 ug

Data for Anti-Mouse CD170 (Siglec F) PE.

Staining of mouse thioglycolate-elicited peritoneal exudate cells with Anti-Mouse F4/80 Antigen APC...View More

  • Data for Anti-Mouse CD170 (Siglec F) PE.

Description: This 1RNM44N monoclonal antibody recognizes mouse CD170, also known as Siglec F. Siglec F is a cell surface lectin belonging to the Ig superfamily that binds glycoconjugates containing sialic acids that are commonly found on various cell types. The cytoplasmic domain of Siglec F contains an immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibitory motif (ITIM) that initiates intracellular signaling upon ligand binding. Siglec F is expressed mostly on eosinophils and alveolar macrophages and lower levels of this receptor have also been reported on immature myelomonocytic cells. Mouse Siglec F is a functional ortholog of human Siglec 8, however, unlike human Siglec 8, mouse Siglec F is not expressed on mast cells.

This 1RNM44N antibody will recognize a formaldehyde-fixed epitope.

Host Rat
Isotype IgG2a, kappa
Reactivity Mouse
Conjugate PE
Laser Blue Laser, Green Laser, Yellow-Green Laser
Emit 578 nm
Excite 488 - 561 nm
Reported Applications Flow Cytometric Analysis
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Additional Formats
Cat. No. Name Excite Emit Application Reg.
46-1702 Anti-Mouse CD170 (Siglec F) PerCP-eFluor® 710 488 nm 710 nm FC RUO
56-1702 Anti-Mouse CD170 (Siglec F) Alexa Fluor® 700 633 - 647 nm 723 nm FC RUO
50-1702 Anti-Mouse CD170 (Siglec F) eFluor® 660 633 - 647 nm 668 nm FC RUO
14-1702 Anti-Mouse CD170 (Siglec F) Purified FC, IHC, IHC-F RUO
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Cat. No. Name Excite Emit Application Reg.
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References: Vogelzang A, Lozza L, Reece ST, Perdomo C, Zedler U, Hahnke K, Oberbeck-Mueller D, Dorhoi A, Kaufmann SH. Neonatal Fc Receptor Regulation of Lung Immunoglobulin and CD103+ Dendritic Cells Confers Transient Susceptibility to Tuberculosis. Infect Immun. 2016 Sep 19;84(10):2914-21 (1RNM44N, FC, PubMed)

Filtjens J, Keirsse J, Van Ammel E, Taveirne S, Van Acker A, Kerre T, Taghon T, Vandekerckhove B, Plum J, Van Ginderachter JA, Leclercq G. Expression of the inhibitory Ly49E receptor is not critically involved in the immune response against cutaneous, pulmonary or liver tumours. Sci Rep. 2016 Jul 29;6:30564. (1RNM44N, FC, PubMed)

Bochner BS. Siglec-8 on human eosinophils and mast cells, and Siglec-F on murine eosinophils, are functionally related inhibitory receptors. Clin Exp Allergy. 2009 Mar;39(3):317-24.

Farid SSh, Mirshafiey A, Razavi A. Siglec-8 and Siglec-F, the new therapeutic targets in asthma. Immunopharmacol Immunotoxicol. 2012 Oct;34(5):721-6.

Guo JP, Brummet ME, Myers AC, Na HJ, Rowland E, Schnaar RL, Zheng T, Zhu Z, Bochner BS. Characterization of expression of glycan ligands for Siglec-F in normal mouse lungs. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2011 Feb;44(2):238-43.

Song DJ, Cho JY, Miller M, Strangman W, Zhang M, Varki A, Broide DH. Anti-Siglec-F antibody inhibits oral egg allergen induced intestinal eosinophilic inflammation in a mouse model. Clin Immunol. 2009 Apr;131(1):157-69.

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