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InstantOne™ ELISA Technology

NFkB p65 InstantOne ELISA Kit Performance

NF kappa B (Nuclear Factor kappa B) is a family of transcription factors with five members that includes Rel (c-Rel), RelA (p65), RelB, NFκB1 (p50 and its precursor p105), and NF kappa B2 (p52 and its precursor p100). NF kappa B members can exist as either homo- or heterodimers. NF kappa B dimers containing p65 are activators of transcription. In a majority of unstimulated cells, NF kappa B remains in its inactive form and is retained in the cytoplasm by the bound inhibitory IkB proteins. Upon stimulation by inducers such as TNF alpha, IL-1, or PMA, IkBa is phosphorylated and degraded. This results in the release of the NF kappa B complex from the IKK complex and the p105 subunit is cleaved into its active p50 form. Subsequently the p50/p65 translocates to the nucleus where it activates transcription of many genes, including its own inhibitor I kappa B alpha, causing an auto-regulatory mechanism of NF kappa B.

NF kappa B is known to regulate numerous genes that include cytokines, chemokines, adhesion targets, and acute phase proteins. These are involved in both cellular and physiological processes such as growth, development, apoptosis, immune and inflammatory response, and activation of various viral promoters.

NF kappa B p65 InstantOne ELISA Data

InstantOne NK kappa B ELISA Data
InstantOne NK kappa B ELISA Titration

NFkB p65


Cells: HeLa cells untreated (-) or treated with 10 ng/mL TNF alpha for 10 min (+)

Lysis: 1 mL Lysis Mix for 10 min with shaking

Analysis: 20 ug/analysis


Analysis of a 2-fold serial dilution series of TNFa-treated (10ng/mL, 10 min) HeLa cell lysate was performed using both western blot analysis (left) and InstantOne ELISA (right).