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PrimeFlow® RNA vs. QuantiGene® FlowRNA

PrimeFlow® RNA Assay was developed to improve the utility of QuantiGene® FlowRNA Assay. The goals of PrimeFlow® RNA Assay was to simplify the pretreatment protocol (fixation and permeabilization), enable intracellular antibody staining (cytokines, transcription factors and certain phospho specific targets) and to expand total antibody staining by eliminating methanol to allow for traditional fluorochrome use. Furthermore, PrimeFlow® is now packaged with a complete buffer system and contains either mouse or human species specific positive controls to assist with setting proper compensation. The hybridization and branched DNA amplification portion of the assay was not changed and RNA signal is equivalent between the two assays.

PrimeFlow® RNA (Version 2) QuantiGene® FlowRNA (Version 1)
Methanol-free Methanol-based
Compatible with intracellular antibody staining (cytokines and transcription factors) Not compatible with intracellular antibody staining
Greater fluorochrome compatibility
- PE, PE-eFluor®610, PE-Cyanine5, PE-Cyanine5.5, PE-Cyanine7, APC, APC-eFluor®780 and small organic dyes and polymer-based dyes
Limited fluorochrome compatibility
- FITC, Alexa Fluor® 488, eFluor® 660, Alexa Fluor® 660, eFluor® 450, Alexa Fluor® 700 and polymer-based dyes
A complete buffer system Several reagents required but not supplied (methanol, formaldehyde and RNAse inhibitor)
  Better for long-term storage/collection of samples