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Anti-Human/Mouse SSEA-3 PE

Also known as: stage-specific embryonic antigen-3

Clone: eBioMC-631 (MC-631)

RUO: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Cat. No. Size
12-8833-41 25 tests
12-8833-42 100 tests

Data for Anti-Human/Mouse SSEA-3 PE.

Staining of the 2102Ep cell line with Rat IgM kappa Isotype Control PE (cat. 12-4341) (open...View More

  • Data for Anti-Human/Mouse SSEA-3 PE.

Description: The eBioMC-631 (MC-631) monoclonal antibody reacts with the carbohydrate moiety galactosylgloboside on Stage-specific embryonic antigen-3 (SSEA-3). Expression is restricted to the surface of human teratocarcinoma stem cells (EC), human embryonic germ cells (EG) and human embryonic stem cells (ES) and down regulated following differentiation.

Host Rat
Isotype IgM
Reactivity Human, Mouse
Conjugate PE
Laser Blue Laser, Green Laser, Yellow-Green Laser
Emit 575 nm
Excite 488 - 561 nm
Reported Applications Flow Cytometric Analysis
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Additional Formats
Cat. No. Name Excite Emit Application Reg.
13-8833 Anti-Human/Mouse SSEA-3 Biotin FC RUO
53-8833 Anti-Human/Mouse SSEA-3 Alexa Fluor® 488 488 nm 519 nm FC RUO
14-8833 Anti-Human/Mouse SSEA-3 Purified FC, ICC, IHC RUO
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12-8813 Anti-Human/Mouse SSEA-1 PE 488 - 561 nm 578 nm FC RUO
12-4341 Rat IgM Isotype Control PE 488 - 561 nm 578 nm FC RUO
12-8843 Anti-Human SSEA-4 PE 488 - 561 nm FC RUO

References: Andrews PW, Goodfellow PN, Shevinsky LH, Bronson DL, Knowles BB. Cell-surface antigens of a clonal human embryonal carcinoma cell line: morphological and antigenic differentiation in culture.Int J Cancer. 1982 May 15;29(5):523-31.

Kannagi R, Cochran NA, Ishigami F, Hakomori S, Andrews PW, Knowles BB, Solter D. Stage-specific embryonic antigens (SSEA-3 and -4) are epitopes of a unique globo-series ganglioside isolated from human teratocarcinoma cells.EMBO J. 1983;2(12):2355-61.

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