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Anti-Human CD86 (B7-2) Super Bright 436

Clone: IT2.2

RUO: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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62-0869-41 25 tests
62-0869-42 100 tests

Data for Anti-Human CD86 (B7-2) Super Bright 436.

Staining of normal human peripheral blood cells with Anti-Human CD14 APC (cat. 17-0149) and...View More

  • Data for Anti-Human CD86 (B7-2) Super Bright 436.

Description: The IT2.2 monoclonal antibody reacts with human CD86, an ~80 kDa surface receptor also known as B7-2. CD86 and CD80 are members of the B7 family of costimulatory molecules. CD86 is expressed at low levels on B cells, macrophages, and dendritic cells and is upregulated on B cells through a variety of surface stimuli including the BCR complex, CD40 and some cytokine receptors. In addition to CD80 (B7-1), CD86 is a counter-receptor for the T cell surface molecules CD28 and CD152 (CTLA-4). The interaction of CD86 with its ligands plays a critical role in T-B crosstalk, T cell costimulation, autoantibody production and Th2-mediated Ig production. The kinetics of upregulation of CD86 upon stimulation supports its major contribution during the primary phase of an immune response.

Host Mouse
Isotype IgG2b, kappa
Reactivity Human
Conjugate Super Bright 436
Laser Violet Laser
Emit 436 nm
Excite 405 nm
Legal Patent pending.
Reported Applications Flow Cytometric Analysis
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Additional Formats
Cat. No. Name Excite Emit Application Reg.
46-0869 Anti-Human CD86 (B7-2) PerCP-eFluor® 710 488 nm 710 nm FC RUO
13-0869 Anti-Human CD86 (B7-2) Biotin FC RUO
16-0869 Anti-Human CD86 (B7-2) Functional Grade Purified FC, FA RUO
15-0869 Anti-Human CD86 (B7-2) PE-Cyanine5 488 - 561 nm 667 nm FC RUO
12-0869 Anti-Human CD86 (B7-2) PE 488 - 561 nm 578 nm FC RUO
53-0869 Anti-Human CD86 (B7-2) Alexa Fluor® 488 488 nm 519 nm FC RUO
25-0869 Anti-Human CD86 (B7-2) PE-Cyanine7 488 - 561 nm 775 nm FC RUO
14-0869 Anti-Human CD86 (B7-2) Purified FC, FA RUO
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References: Kapsogeorgou EK, Moutsopoulos HM, Manoussakis MN. Functional expression of a costimulatory B7.2 (CD86) protein on human salivary gland epithelial cells that interacts with the CD28 receptor, but has reduced binding to CTLA4. J Immunol. 2001 Mar 1;166(5):3107-13. (IT2.2, FA, PubMed)

Kishimoto T, von dem Borne AEG, et al. eds. Leucocyte Typing VI: White Cell Differentiation Antigens. 1998. Garland Publishing Inc. London.

Jeannin P, Delneste Y, Lecoanet-Henchoz S, Gauchat JF, Ellis J, Bonnefoy JY. CD86 (B7-2) on human B cells. A functional role in proliferation and selective differentiation into IgE- and IgG4-producing cells. J Biol Chem. 1997 Jun 20;272(25):15613-9. (IT2.2, FA, PubMed)

Azuma M, Ito D, Yagita H, Okumura K, Phillips JH, Lanier LL, Somoza C. B70 antigen is a second ligand for CTLA-4 and CD28. Nature. 1993 Nov 4;366(6450):76-9. (IT2.2, FC, IP, PubMed)

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