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GPR: General Purpose Reagents. For Laboratory Use.

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SKU# 00-4958

Cat. No. Size
00-4958-02 25 mL

Data for Fluoromount-G™.


Description: Fluoromount-G™ is a clear liquid medium designed for use in mounting slides following immunofluorescent staining. This water-soluble Fluoromount-G™ is used to mount slides in which the final step of staining is aqueous. It forms a semi-permanent seal for prolonged storage of slides at 2-8°C. Fluoromount-G™ does not fluoresce and may reduce the amount of fluorochrome quenching during fluorescence microscopy. This medium is supplied as a 1X stock solution containing sodium azide.

Volume 25 mL
Legal Fluoromount-G is a trademark of Southern Biotechnology Associates, Inc.
Reported Applications Immunohistochemical Staining, Immunocytochemistry
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