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Hematopoietic Stem Cells

It is now known that Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) progress through defined stages of maturation that result in gradual loss of multi-lineage potential, and commitment to various blood cell phenotypes. Mouse HSCs were first isolated as part of the bone marrow fraction depleted of lineage positive cells. Subsequently, it was discovered that the lineage-negative fraction could be significantly enriched for HSCs by further selecting the lin-Sca-1+c-Kit+ (LSK) population of bone marrow. In 2005, it was demonstrated by Morrison et al that a combination of the SLAM family of proteins could also be used to efficiently identify and isolate HSCs. They found the CD150+CD48-CD244-CD41- fraction of mouse bone marrow to be significantly enriched for long-term reconstituting ability. In humans, the isolation of a lin-CD34+CD90+ progenitor cell resulted in the purification of a homogeneous HSC population. The critical test for HSCs is in their ability to clinically rescue myelo-ablated hosts from hematopoietic failure, and establish long-term multi-hematopoietic lineage reconstitution.

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Anti-Human CD34 PE-Cyanine7

4H11 FC 25-0349 RUO

Anti-Mouse CD41 PE-Cyanine7

eBioMWReg30 (MWReg30) FC 25-0411 RUO

Anti-Human/Mouse CD44 PE-Cyanine7

IM7 FC 25-0441 RUO

Anti-Human CD90 (Thy-1) PE-Cyanine7

eBio5E10 (5E10) FC 25-0909 RUO

Anti-Mouse CD93 (AA4.1) PE-Cyanine7

AA4.1 FC 25-5892 RUO

Anti-Mouse CD105 (Endoglin) PE-Cyanine7

MJ7/18 FC 25-1051 RUO

Anti-Human CD117 (c-Kit) PE-Cyanine7

104D2 FC 25-1178 RUO

Anti-Mouse CD117 (c-Kit) PE-Cyanine7

2B8 FC 25-1171 RUO

Anti-Mouse CD117 (c-Kit) PE-Cyanine7

ACK2 FC 25-1172 RUO

Anti-Human CD144 (VE-Cadherin) PE-Cyanine7

16B1 FC 25-1449 RUO

Anti-Mouse CD144 (VE-Cadherin) PE-Cyanine7

eBioBV13 (BV13) FC 25-1441 RUO

Anti-Mouse CD150 PE-Cyanine7

mShad150 FC 25-1502 RUO

Anti-Human CD105 (Endoglin) PE-Cyanine7

SN6 FC 25-1057 RUO

Anti-Mouse Ly-6A/E (Sca-1) PE-Cyanine7

D7 FC 25-5981 RUO

14 Item(s)

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