Innate Immunity

Innate immunity is the immune response of an organism that does not require prior sensitization to antigen from either an infection or vaccination. The innate response is characterized by a rapid response to pathogens and is mediated by numerous cell types that include basophils, mast cells, neutrophils, and macrophages. This response is generally not antigen-specific and does not generate immunological memory, but does set the stage for an appropriate adaptive immune response to deal with the threat. The primary outcome of innate immune activation includes production of soluble pro-inflammatory mediators, recruitment of immune cells to sites of infection, activation of the complement cascade, and activation of the adaptive immune response.

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Anti-Human CD11b eFluor® 605NC (Discontinued)

ICRF44 FC 93-0118 RUO

Anti-Mouse CD11b eFluor® 605NC (To Be Discontinued. Refer to cat. No. 83-0112)

M1/70 FC 93-0112 RUO

Anti-Human CD14 eFluor® 605NC

61D3 FC 93-0149 RUO

Anti-Human CD16 eFluor® 605NC

eBioCB16 (CB16) FC 93-0168 RUO

Anti-Mouse CD86 (B7-2) eFluor® 605NC (To be discontinued)

GL1 FC 93-0862 RUO

Anti-Mouse Ly-6A/E (Sca-1) eFluor® 605NC (to be discontinued)

D7 FC 93-5981 RUO

Anti-Mouse TER-119 eFluor® 605NC

TER-119 FC 93-5921 RUO

7 Item(s)

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FC = Flow Cytometry, Intracellular Staining/Flow Cytometry; ELISA = ELISA, ELISPOT, Multiplexing Immunoassays; ICC = Immunocytochemistry; IHC = Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluorescence, Microscopy, Imaging, In Vivo Imaging; FA = Functional Assays, Bioassays, Neutralization, Depletion Studies, Biomolecule Conjugation; WB = Immunoprecipitation, Western Blotting

RUO = Research Use Only; GPR = General Purpose Reagent; ASR = Analyte Specific Reagent. Analytical and performance characteristics are not established; CE = CE-marked reagents