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Cell Biology

The biology of the cell provides the basis for the nearly every specialized area of life science research, from stem cells to neuroscience. It is the basic science of looking at the individual cell, from structure to signaling. From development we learn about stem cell biology; from cell division and proliferation, we study both normal processes and homeostasis, as well as disregulation to tumorigenesis; and from senescence to cell injury, we study processes which trigger cell death (apoptosis): all these functions and many more are of interest to the "cell biologist". It is critical to have the right tools to assess proteins and their interactions in the cell. Choose from our antibodies, innovative assays and kits designed for measuring surface molecules or intracellular targets, whether you use flow cytometry, western blotting, or microscopy.


Monitor apoptosis with products for flow cytometry, western blot and IHC.

Apoptosis Products

Cell Signaling

Reagents for ligand-receptor interaction, intracellular signal molecules, and resulting phenocytic changes. Key targets include Foxp3, Bcl-6, and ZAP-70.

Cell Signaling Products

Transcription Factors

Reagents to enable characterization of transcription factors by flow cytometry, ELISA and Western Blot.

Transcription Factors

Bone Biology

Tools for detection of bone turnover and osteoporosis research. Measure bone-related biomarkers to assess the quality of bone matrix.

Bone Biology Products

Cell Structure

Generate multicolor data that is beautiful and novel with a portfolio of directly conjugated antibodies for Vimentin and multiple types of Cytokeratins.

Cell Structure Products

Support Products



Buffers and Solutions

Buffers and Solutions



Cell Cycle and Proliferation

Novel dyes to evaluate cell cycle in vitro or in vivo, as well as gold-standard viability dyes, antibodies, and kits.


From obesity to cardiovascular disease, understand mechanisms that regulate both normal and disrupted metabolic processes.

Metabolism Products