Immunohistochemistry and Immunocytochemistry 

Detecting protein antigens in cells and tissues can be achieved with a variety of methods, including western blotting and flow cytometry. Another widely used and particularly exciting way to explore biological systems is through the use of microscopy, in which protein localization and interaction can be visualized directly. The ability to directly observe tissue and cellular mechanisms is applicable for basic research as well as being indispensable in modern clinical diagnostic labs. Target antigens are evaluated using specific antibodies directly conjugated with enzyme or fluorophore-conjugated antibodies, or indirectly using similarly labeled, secondary antibodies and reagents. eBioscience believes in quality-validation of our products for their use in Fluoresence Microscopy, as well as offering unique products which allow you to create your own eFluor® labeled reagents where they are not commercially available.

Antibodies for IHC and ICC

Performance-validated antibodies for microscopy applications on cells, frozen tissues and paraffin-embedded tissues. Choose antibodies directly labelled with eFluor Nanocrystals and eFluor Organic dyes for optimal brightness and stability.

IHC Antibodies

ICC Antibodies

Secondary Reagents

Detection reagents for mouse, rat, rabbit and hamster primary antibodies, as well as Streptavidin eFluor Nanocrystals

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Buffers and Solutions

Get the best results possible with support reagents optimized for specific staining protocols, including High and Low Protein Blocking Buffers and slide mounting media.

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