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PrimeFlow® RNA Assay Product Offering

FlowRNA Products

PrimeFlow® RNA Assay contains a fixation and permeabilization kit, a RNA detection kit and positive control probes. An assay kit, one to three Probe Sets, ViewRNA™ Temperature Validation Kit (cat. no. QV0523) and Incubator (must be validated with aforementioned kit) are required to conduct the PrimeFlow® RNA Assay. The assay is sold in two different formats, Human and Mouse PrimeFlow® RNA Assay; the mouse kit contains positive control probe for mouse Actb and the human kit contains positive control probe for RPL13a. For the study of alternative species, one can purchase either kit, but must need to purchase stand-alone positive control probes.

PrimeFlow® RNA Products

Product Name Cat. No.
Human PrimeFlow® RNA Assay 88-18009
Mouse PrimeFlow® RNA Assay 88-18001

List of Probe Set selections: Downloadable list of FlowRNA Probe Sets

QuantiGene® FlowRNA Assay Starter Packs

QuantiGene® FlowRNA was the first generation of FlowRNA. As it is a methanol based protocol, Prime FlowRNA™ Assay is necessary for intracellular antibody staining and traditional flow cytometry fluorochrome compatibility. Two reagent kits and one to three Probe Sets are required to run the QuantiGene® FlowRNA Assay: a fixation and permeabilization buffer kit, a detection kit and user-defined target RNA probe sets. Each of these assay products is sold separately.

Learn more about the differences between PrimeFlow® RNA and QuantiGene® FlowRNA  Assays.

Placing orders

Upon activation of the order process, any completed FlowRNA online Quote Request Form will be automatically sent to a local eBioscience representative.  A quotation will be issued and sent directly back to you.  For questions or product details, contact our Technical Support Team.