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PrimeFlow® RNA Assay Publication List

Kinetics of HIV-1 latency reversal quantified on the single cell level using a novel flow-based technique
Gloria Martrus, et. al., Journal of Virology | 07/27/2016
Principle Investigator: Marcus Altfeld
Institute: Heinrich Pette Institute
RNA Targets: Human HLA-F and RPL13A
Cell types: MT-4, J-Lat and J89 cell lines and human PBMCs infected with HIV (NL4-3)

Differential in vivo activation of monocyte subsets during low-grade inflammation through experimental endotoxemia in humans
B. Thaler, et. al., Scientific Reports  | 07/22/2016
Principle Investigator: Johann Wojta
Institute: Medical University of Vienna
RNA Targets: Human IL6 and Human IL8
Cell types: in vivo stimulated Human PBMC

Consumption of a High-Fat, High-Calorie Meal is Associated with an Increase in Intracellular Co-localization of PPAR-γ mRNA and Protein in Monocytes
Andrea L. Henning, et. al., Method | 07/11/2016
Principle Investigator: Brian McFarlin
Institute: University of North Texas
RNA Targets: Human PPAR-gamma and RPL13a
Cell types: acLDL stimulated Human PBMC

Affinity and dose of TCR engagement yield proportional enhancer and gene activity in CD4+ T cells
Karmel A. Allison, et. al., eLIFE | 07/04/2016
Principle Investigator: Christopher Glass
Institute: University of California, San Diego
RNA Targets: Mouse Irf4
Cell types: Mouse spleen

Brain trauma elicits non-canonical macrophage activation states
Charles C. Kim, et. al., Journal of Neuroinflammation | 05/11/2016
Principle Investigator: Christine L. Hsieh
Institute: University of California, San Francisco
RNA Targets: Mouse Arg1, Mrc1, Chi3l3, Tnf, Il1b
Cell types: Brain leukocytes

Measurement of Low-Abundance Intracellular mRNA Using Amplified FISH Staining and Image-Based Flow Cytometry
Andrea L. Henning, et. al., Current Protocols in Cytometry | 04/2016
Principle Investigator: Brian McFarlin
Institute: University of North Texas
RNA Targets: Human PPAR-gamma, RPL13a
Cell types: Isolated monocytes

Model System for the Study of Gene Expression in the Undergraduate Laboratory
Kristian M. Hargadon, et. al., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education | 02/22/2016
Principle Investigator: Kristian M. Hargadon
Institute: Hampden-Sydney College
RNA Targets: Mouse TGF beta 1 and GAPDH
Cell types: B16-F1 and D5.1G4 murine melanoma cell lines

A Leukocyte Immune-Type Receptor Subset Is a Marker of Antiviral Cytotoxic Cells in Channel Catfish, Ictalurus punctatus
Erin B. Taylor, et. al., Journal of Immunology | 02/08/2016
Principle Investigator: Melanie Wilson
Institute: University of Mississippi Medical Center
RNA Targets: Catfish Perforin, Catfish IgM, Catfish CD3 gamma delta, Catfish CD4-1, Catfish CD8a
Cell types: PBL from G14D-CCV-immunized Channel Catfish

Simultaneous, Single-Cell Measurement of Messenger RNA, Cell Surface Proteins, and Intracellular Proteins
Kah Teong Soh, et. al., Current Protocols in Cytometry | 01/06/2016
Principle Investigator: Paul Wallace
Institute: Roswell Park Cancer Institute
RNA Targets: Human CD8, RPL13a
Cell types: Human PBMC

Single-Cell Genomics Unveils Critical Regulators of Th17 Cell Pathogenicity
Jellert T. Gaublomme, et. al., Cell | 12/03/2015
Principle Investigator: Aviv Regev
Institute: Broad Institute
RNA Targets: Mouse Il17a, Irf4, Batf, Il2, Sdc1, Itgax, Csf2, Actb
Cell types: Mouse in vitro and in vivo Th17 cells

Using Image-Based Flow Cytometry with FISH-Based FlowRNA Assay to Simultaneously Detect Intracellular TNF-α Protein and mRNA in Monocytes Following LPS Stimulation
Adam S. Venable, et. al., Methods in Molecular Biology | 11/22/2015
Principle Investigator: Brian McFarlin
Institute: University of North Texas
RNA Targets: Human TNF-alpha
Cell types: LPS stimulated Human PBMC

Sex differences in plasmacytoid dendritic cell levels of IRF5 drive higher IFN-α production in women
Morgane Griesbeck, et. al., Journal of Immunology | 10/30/2015
Principle Investigator: Marcus Altfeld
RNA Targets: Human IRF5, Human ESR1, Human β2M, Human TLR7, Human TLR9
Cell types: pDCs from PBMCs

Measurements of CD34+/CD45-dim stem cells predict healing of diabetic neuropathic wounds
Stephen R. Thom, et. al., Diabetes | 10/20/2015
Principle Investigator: Stephen R. Thom
RNA Targets:Human SDF-1 and Human VEGF-1
Cell types: CD34+/CD45-dim circulating stem cells

Immunosuppressive plasma cells impede T-cell-dependent immunogenic chemotherapy
Shalapour S., et al., Nature | 04/29/2015
Principle Investigator: Michael Karin
Institute: University of California, San Diego
RNA Targets: Mouse Il10, Mouse Actb
Cell types: Myc-CaP (MC) Prostate Cancer Tumor-infiltrating IgA+ B cells

Dectin-1 activation unlocks IL12A expression and reveals the TH1 potency of neonatal dendritic cells
Sébastien Lemoine, et al., Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology | 04/10/2015
Principle Investigator: Richard Lo-Man
Institute: Institut Pasteur
RNA Targets: Human IL12 p35, Human IL12 p40 and Human GAPDH
Cell types: Neonatal monocyte-derived dendritic cells (moDCs) activated by TLR/Dectin-1 stimulation

The prostaglandin D2 receptor CRTH2 regulates accumulation of group 2 innate lymphoid cells in the inflamed lung
E D Tait Wojno, et al., Mucosal Immunology | 04/08/2015
Principle Investigator: David Artis
Institute: Weill Cornell Medical College
RNA Targets: Mouse Gpr44 (CRTH2), Mouse β2M
Cell types: Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells (ILC2) from Lung and PBMCs

Human mast cells are major IL-22 producers in patients with psoriasis and atopic dermatitis
Shunya Mashiko, et al., Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology | 03/16/2015
Principle Investigator: Marika Sarfati
Institute: Université de Montréal
RNA Targets: Human IL17, Human IL22, Human β2M
Cell types: T cells and Mast cells isolated from human skin

Unipotent megakaryopoietic pathway bridging hematopoietic stem cells and mature megakaryocytes
Hidekazu Nishikii, et al., Stem Cells | 03/05/2015
Principle Investigator: Shigeru Chiba
Institute: University of Tsukuba
RNA Targets: Mouse CD42b
Cell types: Unipotent megakaryocyte progenitors (MKP) from mouse bone marrow

High-throughput detection of miRNAs and gene-specific mRNA at the single-cell level by flow cytometry
Filippos Porichis, et al., Nature Communications | 12/04/2014
Principle Investigator: Daniel E Kaufmann
Institute: Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard
RNA Targets: Human IFNγ, Human IL-2, Human IL-21, Human IDO, Human miR-21, Human miR-155
Cell types: Human HIV- and CMV-specific CD4 and CD8 T cells
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FANCA knockout in human embryonic stem cells causes a severe growth disadvantage
Kim Vanuytsel, et al., Stem Cell Research | 07/27/2014
Principle Investigator: Catherine M. Verfaillie
Institute: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Stem Cell Institute
RNA Targets: Puromycin N-acetyl-transferase, Hygromycin B phosphotransferase
Cell types: Human embryonic stem cells