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Canine Antibodies

High-quality, validated flow cytometry reagents for the canine research community. With some of the most recognized and published antibody clones for canine biology, and our expertise in manufacture and quality validation of flow cytometry applications, eBioscience is your best source for these must-have reagents. These well-known, published clones are QC validated for use in flow cytometry and available in convenient test sizes.

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Name Clone Application Cat. No. Reg.  

Anti-Acidic Cytokeratin Purified

AE1 ICC, IHC, IHC-F, IHC-P, WB 14-9001 RUO

Anti-Canine CD4 APC

YKIX302.9 FC 17-5040 RUO

Anti-Canine CD4 FITC

YKIX302.9 FC 11-5040 RUO

Anti-Canine CD4 PE-Cyanine7

YKIX302.9 FC 25-5040 RUO

Anti-Canine CD5 PerCP-eFluor® 710

YKIX322.3 FC 46-5050 RUO

Anti-Canine CD8a APC

YCATE55.9 FC 17-5080 RUO

Anti-Canine CD8a eFluor® 450

YCATE55.9 FC 48-5080 RUO

Anti-Canine CD8a PerCP-eFluor® 710

YCATE55.9 FC 46-5080 RUO

Anti-Canine CD25 eFluor® 660

P4A10 FC 50-0250 RUO

Anti-Canine CD25 FITC

P4A10 FC 11-0250 RUO

Anti-Canine CD25 PE

P4A10 FC 12-0250 RUO

Anti-Canine CD34 PE

1H6 FC 12-0340 RUO

Anti-Canine CD44 FITC

YKIX337.8 FC 11-5440 RUO

Anti-Canine CD45 eFluor® 450

YKIX716.13 FC 48-5450 RUO

Anti-Canine CD45 FITC

YKIX716.13 FC 11-5450 RUO

Anti-Canine CD45R PE

YKIX753.22 FC 12-5451 RUO

Anti-Human CD45RO APC

UCHL1 FC 17-0457 RUO

Anti-Human CD45RO APC-eFluor® 780

UCHL1 FC 47-0457 RUO

Anti-Human CD45RO FITC

UCHL1 FC 11-0457 RUO

Anti-Human CD45RO PE

UCHL1 FC 12-0457 RUO

Anti-Human CD45RO PE-Cyanine5

UCHL1 FC 15-0457 RUO

Anti-Human CD45RO PerCP-eFluor® 710

UCHL1 FC 46-0457 RUO

Anti-Human CD45RO Purified

UCHL1 FC, IHC 14-0457 RUO

Anti-Human CD61 (Integrin beta 3) FITC

VI-PL2 FC 11-0619 RUO

Anti-Human CD61 (Integrin beta 3) PE

VI-PL2 FC 12-0619 RUO

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FC = Flow Cytometry, Intracellular Staining/Flow Cytometry; ELISA = ELISA, ELISPOT; Multiplex = Multiplex Immunoassays; ICC = Immunocytochemistry; IHC = Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluorescence, Microscopy, Imaging, In Vivo Imaging; IHC-F = Immunohistochemical Staining of Frozen Tissue Sections; IHC-P = Immunohistochemical Staining of Formalin-Fixed Paraffin Embedded Tissue Sections; FA = Functional Assays, Bioassays, Neutralization, Depletion Studies, Biomolecule Conjugation; IP = Immunoprecipitation; WB = Western Blotting

RUO = Research Use Only; GPR = General Purpose Reagent; ASR = Analyte Specific Reagent. Analytical and performance characteristics are not established; CE = CE-marked reagents