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Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is a technique used to analyze multiple phenotypic and functional parameters simultaneously within a single cell or a population of cells. Technical advances in instrumentation, and an expanding array of fluorochrome choices, allow the design of multicolor staining panels that maximize the amount of information acquired from limited sample material. Realizing the power of multicolor flow cytometry requires high performance fluorochromes paired with appropriate specificities to ensure consistent and reliable data.

The Cytometrist's Toolbox

eBioscience offers a complete toolbox of products for your flow cytometry experiments that are rigorously tested during development and have been cited by nearly 50% of articles in the Journal of Immunology.

Cell Separation Cell Treatment Blocking Cell Status Performance Control Cell Staining
Cell Separation Cell Treatment Blocking Cell Status Performance Control Cell Staining

Flow Cytometry Technology

Super Bright Conjugates

Bright polymer dyes in a range of specificities designedfor violet laser-based multicolorflow cytometry.

Phospho Antibodies

Measure signaling cascades in individual cells.

Phospho Flow Antibodies


Photostable fluorophores designed for outstanding optical performance in multicolor applications.

Cocktails and Kits

Conjugated antibodies premixed, titered and validated for multispectral flow analysis.

CyTOF Reported Antibodies

Antibodies reported to work in CyTOF (single-cell mass cytometry) and are provided in ready-to-conjugate buffers.

Antibodies Reported

Flow Cytometry Products by Laser

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Flow Cytometry Products by Interest