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Platforms tailored to meet your needs

ELISAs (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays) are routinely used for the qualitative and quantitative assessment of cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, phosphorylated targets, immunoglobulins and other immunological markers. Detection and quantitation of protein analytes from various biological samples—serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants and cell lysates—indicate a multitude of biological and pathological events. ELISAs have proven to be valuable tools in drug development as they are commonly used for biomarker profiling of disease vs. normal states, as well as toxicity profiling.

eBioscience ELISAs use the sandwich immunoassay technique of two highly specific antibodies that recognize two different epitopes on the same protein. This provides an extra layer of specificity over competitive ELISA formats that employ only the use of a single antibody.

Pre-coated ELISA

Platinum ELISA

Quantitate with confidence. Highly validated, pre-coated ELISA kits provide lower inter- and intra-assay variability with ready-to-use reagents, ensuring consistent data throughout your research.

High Sensitivity ELISA

Detect low-abundant cytokines. Amplified sandwich ELISAs allow for detection limits below 1 pg/mL without loss of resolution or increase in background.

Coat-It-Yourself ELISA

Ready-SET-Go!® ELISA

Keep costs low. Each affordable, coat-it-yourself ELISA set includes the reagents required to prepare and run the ELISA.


Analyze individual, activated, cytokine-producing cells.  This reagent set is pre-titrated for optimal spot development.


1-wash ELISA

Instant ELISA®

Reduce steps and hands-on time to increase productivity. The 1-wash ELISA introduces fewer handling steps, leaving more time for your research.

InstantOne (phospho) ELISA

Save time and reduce steps. Our 1-hour, 1-wash cell signaling assay detects total and phosphorylated targets with sensitivity exceeding industry standards.

Build-your-own ELISA

ELISA Antibodies & Recombinants

Individual components to build your own immunoassays.

Biologicals ELISA

TNF alpha Blockers ELISA

Toolsets for drug-level testing. Components include coating antibody for TNF alpha, recombinant TNF alpha and detection antibody. Manual and automated assay with 384 well format.