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Alias: Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor D

VEGF-D is a secreted glycoprotein belonging to the platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)/ VEGF family that induces angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis. It is secreted from the cell as a homodimer of the full-length form that can be proteolytically processed to remove the propeptides. VEGF-D is an activating ligand for VEGF-R2/KDR and VEGF-R3/FLT-4, but does not bind to VEGF-R1. VEGF-R2 and VEGF-R3 are localized on vascular and lymphatic endothelial cells and signal for angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis. VEGF-D is highly expressed in the lung and expression in embryonic lung is upregulated prior to birth. Activation of the VEGF-C/VEGF-D/VEGF-R3 axis increases motility and invasiveness of neoplastic cells, promotes development of metastases in several types of tumors such as lung cancer, breast cancers, cancers of the neck, prostate and large intestine. Generally, VEGF-D is expressed in a large variety of different tumor types like gastric and breast carcinoma, B cell lymphomas, lung adenocarcinoma, non-small cell lung carcinoma, and others. In several types of cancer such as lung cancer, oesophageal carcinoma, and primary lymphedema soluble VEGF-D has been shown to be increased in patient serum.

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ProcartaPlex NHP VEGF-D Simplex

Multiplex EPX01A-42076 RUO

ProcartaPlex Human VEGF-D Simplex

Multiplex EPX01A-12076 RUO

Platinum ProcartaPlex Human VEGF-D Simplex

Multiplex EPXP010-12076 RUO

ProcartaPlex Human 45plex Control Set

Multiplex EPX450-12171* RUO

Platinum ProcartaPlex Human 42plex Control Set

Multiplex EPXP420-10200* RUO

Platinum ProcartaPlex Human Panel 1 (42 plex)

Multiplex EPXP420-10200 RUO

ProcartaPlex NHP Growth Factor Panel (7 plex)

Multiplex EPX070-40043 RUO

ProcartaPlex Human Growth Factor Panel (11plex)

Multiplex EPX110-12170 RUO

ProcartaPlex Human Cytokine/Chemokine/Growth Factor Panel 1 (45 plex)

Multiplex EPX450-12171 RUO

ProcartaPlex Human Cytokine/Chemokine/Growth Factor Convenience Panel 1 (45 plex)

Multiplex EPXR450-12171 RUO

ProcartaPlex NHP Cytokine/Chemokine/Growth Factor Panel (37 plex)

Multiplex EPX370-40045 RUO

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