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CD185 (CXCR5)

CD185 (CXCR5) is one of the defining cell surface markers of T follicular helper (Tfh) cells. CXCR5 is the receptor for CXCL13. It’s up regulation in concert with increased levels of CXCL13, along with the reduction of CCR7 on the Tfh cell, trigger the homing of Tfh cells to the CXCL13-rich B follicles where they are essential in the development of antigen-specific effector and memory B cell responses.

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Anti-Mouse CD185 (CXCR5) APC

SPRCL5 FC 17-7185 RUO

Anti-Mouse CD185 (CXCR5) PE-Cyanine7

SPRCL5 FC 25-7185 RUO

Anti-Mouse CD185 (CXCR5) PE-eFluor® 610

SPRCL5 FC 61-7185 RUO

Anti-Mouse CD185 (CXCR5) PerCP-eFluor® 710

SPRCL5 FC 46-7185 RUO

Anti-Mouse CD185 (CXCR5) Biotin

SPRCL5 FC 13-7185 RUO

Anti-Mouse CD185 (CXCR5) PE

SPRCL5 FC 12-7185 RUO

Anti-Non-Human Primate CD185 (CXCR5) PE

87.1 FC 12-1859 RUO

Anti-Human CD185 (CXCR5) APC

MU5UBEE FC 17-9185 RUO

Anti-Human CD185 (CXCR5) Biotin

MU5UBEE FC 13-9185 RUO

Anti-Human CD185 (CXCR5) eFluor® 450

MU5UBEE FC 48-9185 RUO

Anti-Human CD185 (CXCR5) FITC

MU5UBEE FC 11-9185 RUO

Anti-Human CD185 (CXCR5) PE

MU5UBEE FC 12-9185 RUO

Anti-Human CD185 (CXCR5) PE-Cyanine7

MU5UBEE FC 25-9185 RUO

Anti-Human CD185 (CXCR5) PE-eFluor® 610

MU5UBEE FC 61-9185 RUO

Anti-Human CD185 (CXCR5) PerCP-eFluor® 710

MU5UBEE FC 46-9185 RUO

Anti-Human CD185 (CXCR5) Purified

MU5UBEE FC 14-9185 RUO

16 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction
25 | 50

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