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CCL11 (Eotaxin)

Alias: C-C motif chemokine 11

Eotaxin-1 is a member of the CC-family of chemokine. It is expressed in multiple tissue and cell types including smooth muscle cells, chondrocytes, eosinophils, fibroblasts, endothelial cells, and epithelial cells where it plays a fundamental role in the development of allergic responses. Eotaxin-1 is most often induced by various inflammatory cytokines such as IL-1, TNFα and IFNγ and binds to the chemokine receptor CCR3. Eotaxin-1 is also believed to be important to many diseases as it has a role in numerous eosinophil-associated gastrointestinals disorders as food allergy, parasitic infections, allergic colitis and inflammatory bowel disease has been described.

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ProcartaPlex Human Chemokine Panel 1 (9 plex)

Multiplex EPX090-12187 RUO

ProcartaPlex NHP Chemokine Panel (10 plex)

Multiplex EPX100-40041 RUO

ProcartaPlex Rat Chemokine Panel (8 plex)

Multiplex EPX080-30121 RUO

ProcartaPlex Rat Cytokine & Chemokine Panel (22 plex)

Multiplex EPX220-30122 RUO

ProcartaPlex Human Eotaxin (CCL11) Simplex

Multiplex EPX01A-12120 RUO

ProcartaPlex Rat Eotaxin (CCL11) Simplex

Multiplex EPX01A-36008 RUO

Platinum ProcartaPlex Human Eotaxin (CCL11) Simplex

Multiplex EPXP010-12120 RUO

ProcartaPlex NHP Eotaxin (CCL11) Simplex

Multiplex EPX01A-42120 RUO

Platinum ProcartaPlex Human Panel 1 (42 plex)

Multiplex EPXP420-10200 RUO

Platinum ProcartaPlex Human 42plex Control Set

Multiplex EPXP420-10200* RUO

10 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction
25 | 50

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FC = Flow Cytometry, Intracellular Staining/Flow Cytometry; ELISA = ELISA, ELISPOT; Multiplex = Multiplex Immunoassays; ICC = Immunocytochemistry; IHC = Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluorescence, Microscopy, Imaging, In Vivo Imaging; IHC-F = Immunohistochemical Staining of Frozen Tissue Sections; IHC-P = Immunohistochemical Staining of Formalin-Fixed Paraffin Embedded Tissue Sections; FA = Functional Assays, Bioassays, Neutralization, Depletion Studies, Biomolecule Conjugation; IP = Immunoprecipitation; WB = Western Blotting

RUO = Research Use Only; GPR = General Purpose Reagent; ASR = Analyte Specific Reagent. Analytical and performance characteristics are not established; CE = CE-marked reagents