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Affymetrix® Research Solutions

In addition to the eBioscience Immunology portfolio, Affymetrix offers scientists a range of products from microarrays to PCR and molecular biology reagents to detergents and biochemicals.

Microarray Solutions

Affymetrix microarray solutions include all necessary components for a successful microarray experiment.

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Molecular Biology Enzymes

Polymerases, nucleases, ligases and DNA binding proteins for use in a variety of molecular biology applications

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Quanitative Gene Expression

Assays in the low- to mid-plex range for validating GeneChip and Next Gen Sequencing data.

View Quantitative Gene Expression Assays

Molecular Biology Kits and Reagents

Products and kits for cloning, RNA analysis, DNA sequencing and protein analysis.

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The USB line of PCR reagents includes a range of tools for robust and accurate PCR applications.

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Simple and effective kits for isolation of nucleic acid and proteins from a variety of starting samples.

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USB biochemicals provide reliable, repeatable results.

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Detergents and Lipids

The Anatrace® product line provides researchers with a wide variety of detergents and lipids for protein applications.

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