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Licensing and Partnerships

Opportunities for Licensing and Partnership 

eBioscience is committed to developing and producing a large selection of innovative reagents of high quality – affordably priced for researchers worldwide. Do you have a new technology or clone you would like to see commercialized? We are always interested in potential licensing or partnership opportunities for reagents that complement our product offerings. As a global reagent provider, eBioscience is a great choice to have your unique product effectively commercialized.

Licensing a technology to eBioscience offers you many benefits:

  • Large scale production and marketing of your antibody by eBioscience. This provides a guarantee of excellence in products, service, and value.
  • Revenue for your laboratory. Receive a royalty on the sales of the antibody.
  • Relieve your lab of the need to produce the antibody, saving your laboratory's resources for more research and discovery.

Wondering how to license your materials to eBioscience?  It's easy!

  • Email busdev@eBioscience.com with information on your new reagent or technology. If you are not comfortable disclosing the details due to confidentiality concerns, we may put in place a Confidentiality Agreement, if appropriate. The eBioscience scientific team will evaluate your technology’s fit within our current product offering and strategy.
  • After evaluation and a decision to move forward is made, a license & material transfer agreement will be negotiated.
  • After agreement completion, transfer your biological materials to eBioscience.
  • eBioscience will manufacture the product using the same stringent QC procedures that we use on all of our products, with commercialization and royalties only a few months away!

Partnership Opportunities

If you are interested in establishing a partnership with eBioscience, please do not hesitate to contact us at busdev@eBioscience.com or call our Business Development office at 858-784-5032 for further information. We look forward to hearing from you.