Macrophage Phenotypes
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Functional Grade Antibodies
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Digesting Macrophage Phenotypes

Digesting New Macrophage Solutions

Macrophages consist of a versatile population of phagocytic cells present in most tissues.

Learn more about M1 / M2 macrophage functional phenotypes and transcriptional controls.

DAB Advanced Chromogenic Kit

  • Simple to use
  • Solution-based format
  • Minimal handling
  • Stable for 2 weeks at 4°C
DAB Advanced Chromogenic Kit

Achieve greater sensitivity

Functional Grade Antibodies

Functional Grade Antibodies

    Functional Grade Antibodies
  • azide free, low endotoxin antibodies
  • in vitro and in vivo activation, blocking or neutralization

Learn more about how we ensure quality and reproducibility and receive a promotion code for a FREE isotype control with the purchase of a corresponding functional grade antibody.

IHC Protocol Guide

The “must have” guide for anyone new to IHC/ICC!

Get your copy of this handy pocket-sized, spiral bound IHC/ICC Protocol Guide with any eBioscience purchase.

  • Flow diagrams of the     steps & timing
  • Required materials list
  • Complete written     procedures
  • Troubleshooting guide

Get your copy today!

ProcartaPlex™ Analyst 1.0 Software

ProcartaPlex™ Analyst 1.0 Software

  • Easy-to-use License-free Analysis Software
  • Export of graph images for publishing
  • Results obtained minutes after completing an experiment
  • See your sample pattern at a glance with our Heat Map

Download your copy now.

QuantiGene FlowRNA Assays
Phospho Specific Flow Cytometry
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Total Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Assay Kit 520 nm
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